Workshops, System Reviews, and  Socials. Oh my!

Deep dive, focus in, or just hang out with our Pilates community and enjoy some Pilates before brunch. Join us for a wide variety of single day  and series workshops, and social events.

Upcoming Social Events

Check our COVID-19 Studio polocy prior to booking.

Pilates and Pancakes

Social Events: Pilates & Pinot

We are so excited to bring back this Pilates School tradition!  Nothing goes better after Pilates than some yummy refreshment with good workout buddies to chat with.   Be sure do book a class for the event.  And we will hold a on-going Open Studio session followed by wine and food.

The feature refreshment will come from locally sources BIPOC and LBGTQIA owned business.  **Must have proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend.

Tuesday, February 22nd Evening classes


Workshops are one-time or a series of classes usually surrounding a specific topic.  Workshops are open to the public.  You do not need a membership to attend. Check our COVID-19 Studio policy prior to booking.

Pilates and Pancakes

Pilates for Kids

After nearly a year our children hunching over tablets and screens their bodies could use some Pilates attention too. This eight class series will strengthen your child’s core muscles and teach them proper posture when sitting, standing.  The class will have a Pilates School SF twist allowing your child to explore their bodies through  the foundational mat exercises in a fun highly interactive environment.

Grades 2nd through 4th grades welcome.  Limited to 4 participants.  Parents and children must show proof of COVID vaccination.   Parents will have the option to stay and take class with your child.  Or you can have a glass of wine and relax in the garden behind the studio while your kid get a rockstar workout 🙂

Mondays & Wednesday  2:30pm-3:15pm

January Member System Review

System Review is part of the Pilates School SF curriculum for members to deepen their understanding of Classical Pilates exercises and concepts.   You need a membership to attend Check our COVID-19 Studio policy prior to booking.

Pilates and Pancakes

Basic Reformer

This time we take a deep dive into the nitty gritty details of your Basic reformer workout. We will breakdown the goals of each exercise, and identify modifications your body might need.  

Must be a current member to participant.  Limited to 4 participants. May be repeated if needed.  

Saturday, 1/25  10:00am-11:10am

Pilates and Pancakes

Intermediate Wunda Chair I

Let’s talk about the Intermediate Wunda Chair.  There is a lot there, exercises, variation, and NO ORDER!!!  This system review will help you discover a deeper understanding of the intermediate Wunda Chari exercises.  Learn about how and why we do each exercise, and which versions are the best for your body.

Limited to 4 members.  Repeating this is encouraged as well can not cover all the exercises in one session. Or even two.

Prerequisite: Passed Basic System Exam.

Saturday, 1/22  10:00am-11:10am

Hip pain

Hip Stability and Strength

Let’s take a look at those hips! An essential and complex part of the body, and a key part of your powerhouse.  Get a more detailed understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics of how the hip functions in daily life.  Learn the exercises around the room that will stabilize, strengthen, and improve functional movement of the entire body through your hips.  Then we will collective create a Pilates workout you can use in your open studio workouts.  

Limited to 4 members.

Recommended: Passing Basic Wunda Chair Exam

Saturday, 1/29  10:00am-11:10am

Magical Mat

Basic Mat + Basic Mat Challenge

We say all the time that the Basic Mat is not easy.  This system review will prove that.  We will refine all the goals of each Basic Mat exercises, then challenge the entire group to do their Basic Mat everyday for a week exhibiting the concepts of Classical Pilates.

Limited to 12 members.   Group will be separated by level.  Ray is teaching High Intermediate to Advanced; Yun Teaching  Strong Basic to Low Intermediate.

Saturday, 2/5  10:00am-11:10am

I’m Not a Member..can I come too?

We know, the Pilates School SF events are super fun and yummy!  Non-members are welcome to any social event or workshop.  Non-members simply have a small fee or be invited by a current member.  You can avoid non-member fees by joining..hint,hint. Wink,wink ; ) 

*Sorry only graduates or current members can attend our coveted system review.