Workshops, Intensives, and Socials. Oh my!

Deep dive, focus in, or just hang out with our Pilates community and enjoy some Pilates before brunch. Join us for a wide variety of single day intensives, workshop series, and social events.

Upcoming Workshop, Social Events & Intensives

Workshops cover a wide range of topics. Social events are a fun mix of our love for Pilates and yummy food. Workshops and Social Events are generally open to the public.  Intensives, however, are only for Pilates School members that are focusing on progressing in their Pilates training. 

Due to COVID-19 all our 2021 workshops, events, and intensives will be held online or outdoors.

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March Intensive: Upper Shoulders & Back

[For Members Only] In March we continue to focus on reserving some of the effect of COVID-19. We will focus on you learning the anatomy and healthy range of motions of you upper back an shoulders. Then depending on your system level we will work on instill healthy range of motion and muscles activation in your reformer workouts.

**We encourage you to attend an outdoor workout on the reformer for best results. . The recording and course work will be available in Google Classroom on March 20th.

Intensives will be offered the 3rd Week of March 14th to 20th

April Workshop Series: Pre-Natal Pilates

Let us be a part of the team that helps prepare you and your body for your new baby. A strong core and pelvic floor are essential to the birthing process, and together we can help make sure you get strong in the right way, safely.

Sundays April 11th to 25th 8:00am-9:00am

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April Intensive: Refine Your Reformer Workouts

[FOR MEMBERS ONLY] In April we will continue building on our reformer work in March we will take a deep..deep dive into your reformer workouts. We will breakdown the name, goals, and modification for your body and why. We encourage you to attend an outdoor reformer session if you can. The recording and coursework will be available on Google Classroom on April 27th.

Intensive offered 3 times the 3rd Week of April 11th to 17th

Intensives are only for members? Why?

Yes, the intensive sessions we offer are tied into our membership program.  An intensive is designed to work in conjunction with the curriculum our membership is learning. When combined with privates, online classes, and independent workouts, intensive courses enhance your understanding of Pilates, and help you get faster results.