Workshops and Socials. Oh my!

Deep dive, focus in, or just hang out with our Pilates community and enjoy some Pilates before brunch. Join us for a wide variety of single day intensives, workshop series, and social events.

Upcoming Workshop & Social Events

Workshops cover a wide range of topics. Social events are a fun mix of our love for Pilates and yummy food. Workshops and Social Events are generally open to the public.

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Intro to Classical Pilates

Learn exactly what Classical Pilates is and how its guiding principles apply to how you move through the rest of your life.

This is a 90 minute online workshop open to the public. We will cover the core principles of Classical Pilates, and apply them to the exercises we do. This is a great way to develop an understanding of the Classical Pilates progression and how you can start in in-home Pilates workout program personalized for your needs.

The workshop will include a 45 minute guided workout using light props (magic circle, Thera Bands, or a long foam roller).

Monday, August 9th 6:30pm w/ Rachael Gray

Intermediate Mat Pilates Workshop

Who needs a gym when Joseph Pilates developed a perfect body training system called Intermediate Mat? This completely interactive course teaches you the original Intermediate exercises and how to modify them for you body.

Monday, August 16th 6:30pm w/ Rachael Gray

Pilates Adv

Advance Mat Pilates Workshop

Advanced Mat was Joseph Pilates’ vision of the ultimate total body workout. This workshop teaches you the original exercises and how to modify them for your body.

Monday, August 23rd 6:30pm w/ Rachael Gray

Pilates in the park

Pilates in the Park

Okay, there’s no denying it- the past year has been hard on all of us. Come get some fresh air and do Pilates with us.

We are kicking off our 2021 social event calendar with a safe outdoor Pilates Mat workout in the park! Come see some other humans from a safe distance and enjoy the comradery of a Pilates class again!

We may supply lite refreshments and snacks (depending on the state of COVID).

Saturday, August 28th 9:00am w/ The PIlates School SF Staff

Intensives are only for members? Why?

Yes, the intensive sessions we offer are tied into our membership program.  An intensive is designed to work in conjunction with the curriculum our membership is learning. When combined with privates, online classes, and independent workouts, intensive courses enhance your understanding of Pilates, and help you get faster results.