Intake Application

We accept six interns every fall and spring for a total of twelve students a year.  Successful candidates will have six months or more experience in Classical Pilates.  The most successful will be at the high intermediate level in their Classical Pilates Training.

What if I don’t have “Classical” Pilates experience.  I don’t even know what that means!

Take a moment to watch this video of Martt Lawrence, an M.A.T Master Teacher Trainer explaining exactly what Classical Pilates is. 

If you do not have experience in Classical Pilates and/or you are not at the high intermediate level in your Classical Pilates practice we highly recommend that you takes some time to focus on getting Pilates in your body first.  Join our membership program and become a Master Graduate.

There are a few major benefits to becoming a Master Graduate prior to starting the teacher training program.  But the major benefit is you earn AUTOMATIC acceptance into our teacher training program for twelve consecutive months after you become a Master Graduate.

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Intake Application Fall 2022

The Mission of Our Teacher Certifcation Program

#1  We will actively recruit plus-sized, BIPOC,  LBGTQIA to become top-notch Classical Pilates instructors, then help them trial braze a space for their voice, needs, and life experience to be honored within the Pilates Community as a whole.  To be truly inclusive, and to commit to the work that needs to be done to include all levels of our society.

We will seek out Master Teacher Trainers within the under-represented communities to host workshops, system reviews, and private sessions to our students to help spread their wisdom to those prospective teacher that share their life experiences.

#2 We understand that the only way to cross the social-economical divide in our country is to make Classical Pilates affordable. 

We will offer scholarships, grants, and earn national accreditation for our program.  We will become a qualified post-secondary school under the California AND United States Department of Education. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Pilates/ Fitness instructor in our program will have access to private, city, state, and federal financial assistance solely on the basis of need.

#3  We understand we must blaze a trail that makes being a Classical Pilates instructor a viable full-time career.  We will offer a certification program that teaches our students the business side of the fitness industry.  We will help them foster key connections to working capital and funding toward entrepreneurship. 

We will offer affordable continuing education courses and scholarships to Pilates/ Fitness industry conventions.  Most importantly, actively assist and advise our certified teacher creating generational wealth they can pass onto their children/ loved ones.