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Ok, yes, we know there’s a lot to process when you first look at our program. Unlike many studios we offer more than private lessons or big group classes exculsivley on select equipment.  Whether you need the accountability of a private session or the flexibility of a membership, we can mix and match to find the path that works for your life!

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When you join the Pilates School you’re joining a program that sees you as a whole human being. You’re more than a set of abs with a wallet to us! Once you start training with us you’ll immediately feel the difference in our people-first approach.

By the time you are ready to select a membership package you must have already completed a New Client Consultation, and your trainers should have recommended a membership for you. If this is the case, simply select the recommended membership and follow the steps to complete your purchase. You may start booking your classes and private sessions right away! Expect a series of emails over the next week outlining your program.

Done all of that? Then we want to officially welcome you to The Pilates School SF! Learning about your body through Classical Pilates is a truly amazing experience. Be patience, be consistent, and enjoy your journey with us.

How do I Know Membership Right for Me?

  • You would descible yourself as self-discplined.
  • I like learning in a small group enviroment.
  • You like learning new skills.
  • You are resourcful with instructor feedback.
Women doing Backstroke

Basic Membership

This class-based with unlimited classes, open studio, and one private session per month.   Your private session are focused on teaching and refining the workout routines.

Empowerment is the focus of this membership; personal responsibility, self-motivation, and taking ownership of your workouts are key to your success in this membership.

$185 month-to-month contract

Rolling like a ball

Plus Membership

A balance of three private sessions a month and unlimited classes. This is our most popular membership! 

It allows for weekly one-on-one sessions to get that highly personalized hands-on training from an instructor. Most Plus Members think of group classes as a way to practice the detailed training they received in their private sessions. This is an ideal situation for anyone who wants to become more self-sufficient with their Pilates, but needs guidance and support along the way.

$380 month-to-month contract

Premium Membership

The ideal membership for those that need or want a one-on-one training environment.

If you struggle to stick with a workout plan, if you’re rehabbing an injury, or if you simply know you learn better with focused hands-on training, this is the membership for you. 

Two private sessions a week and unlimited open studio sessions. All you need to do is get yourself to the studio, and we do the rest!

$860 3-month contract

Private, Duet, and Trio Sessions

Get that Personal Pilates Time!

Laura on Wunda

Duet Sessions

A great way to enjoy Classical Pilates with a friend or workout buddy.

It is important that the duet match in fitness level and goals.  We prefer that duets keep ongoing sessions for at least 3 months or more.

$125 Single session

$600 5 sessions

$1100 10 session

Laura on Wunda

Private Sessions

Every single human will benefit from personal training of this kind. Joseph Pilates built his entire exercise regime around private sessions. He believed they were essential to making progress.   You get corrective movement training, hands-on assistance to ensure under-utilized muscles wake up, and a much deeper understanding about what your body needs.

FREE Consultation

$35 Initial Session

$89 per person per session

Trio Sessions

Trio are great for groups look of a specific Pilates goal. 

We prefer trio meet 1-2 times a week on an ongoing basis.  We also require that the trio be matched in fitness level.

FREE Consultation

$35 Initial Session

$89 per person per session

Workshop, System Reviews, and Social Events!

These fun one hour to multi-day events covers a Pilates or fitness topics.

System Reviews

System Review is part of the Pilates School SF curriculum for members to deepen their understanding of Classical Pilates exercises and concepts.   These are offered throughout the month on various topics.

* Included in all memberships plans


Eirther on day in depth intensives or a workshop series these are offer throughout the year on a variety of topics and activities.  Some of the more popular are Pilates for Kid, Pre/ Post Natal Pilates and Pilates for dancers.  Workshop are open to the public and do not require a membership.

FREE Consultation

Social Events

Pilates followed by delicious food, refreshing drink, and great compny.  How could ask for more.  Social events are indluced in all membership, some may have a small fee.  Members may bring a guest.

FREE Consultation

Plans Start at $55/month

Exam Workshops

These are for member to “test-out” oftheir current Pilates level.  These workshops are for current members only.

Limited Availability

Teacher Certfication Program

A BIPOC & LGBTQIA Focused Program

Accepting Appilcations for Fall 2022

We are excited to open our inaugural year with a generous grant for qualified applicants.  Our mission is to allow black/ brown, indengious peoples, members of the LBGTQIA community, and plus sized bodies access to become Pilates Teaching in a completely inclusive learning environment.

Our program teaches you the skills to make teaching Pilates more than a part-time job or pastime hobby, but into a variable lucrative career within our studio or to starting our own practice.

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We know their is alot to learn about Pilates. So let us help you simplfiy it. Email, call, or just pop by for a visit.

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