2021 Teacher Certification

The mission of our teacher certfication program is to recuit, train, and empower those that wish to help us spead the ideals of more inculsive Pilates community.  The program is open to all, yet we actively seek recuits that represent the diverse tapsty of the Bay Area.  We certify 4 student per year over a 18 month comprehensive program.   The 2021 program start September 15th 2021.

Become a Pilates Instructor

Our program teaches you the skills to make teaching Pilates more than a part-time job or passtime hooby, but into a vaiable lucurative career.  Our national accedited program preapres you to start a career within our studio or to start our own practice.

Learn about our program: start at 6:30.00 into the video.

“At the end of our 18 month program you will be a Classically Certifcied Pilates instructor with a clear vision of how to make teaching Pilates your new career.”

Rayannah Salahuddin

Classical Teacher Trainer Level I

2021-2022 Schedule

Basic System Course

Learning the core princiles of Classiscal Pilates and teaching the Basic System exericses to healthly bodies.

No Test Out Requiered

Intermediate System

Start teach group and private sessions within the basic system while learning intermediate system for all bodies.

Basic Seminar & Test Out Requiered

Advanced System

Start teaching group and private sessions within the Intermediate System. Learning the Advanced System for all bodies.

Inter. Seminar and Test-Out Required

Classical Pilates Certification Test-Out

Cases studies to prepare for Advanced seminar and final test-out.

Adv. Seminar + Test-out Requiered

Internship I - Special Topics

Select from a variety of Pilates special populations while continuing to compelete observation and Internship I studio hours.

100 Internship Hours Requiered

Specialty Topics II/ Graduation

Select you final specialty topic.  Apply for for full-time position.

100 Internships Hours Required

Get Started Now

Becoming a Classical Pilates Instructor was one of the most furfilling experinces of my professional career.  Its was also one of the hardest and most internally challegeing certfication I ever earned.  Teaching Pilates and opening my own studio has been a rewarding eperince. I’m excited to share what I have learned with the next generation of instructors.

Rayannah Salahuddin

What will I learn?

Classical Pilates Exercise

Learn all the exericse on the 8 major appuratus. How to “teach the body in front of you”.

Instructional Strategies

Learn both therolocially and practical metholds to teaching in a private to a large Pilates Mat class.

Intern Opportunities

Opening to assist our full-time instructors in their classes and private sessions.

Exercise Science/ Anatomy

Learn how the human body responses to exericse and regular Pilates training.

Case Studies

Both therolocial and live practice bodies to hone your teaching skills.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of our program may have opporunities to apply for full-time positiions at The Pilates School SF.

How Should I Prepare?

High qualified applicates will be able to complete the Classical Advanced Reformer workout.  Also to have at least three years of fitness teaching experience.