Finding Your Pilates Path

Ok, yes, we know there’s a lot to process when you first look at our program. Unlike many studios we offer a LOT more than private lessons and big group classes. Whether you need the accountability of a private group class or the flexibility of a membership, we can mix and match to find the path that works for your life!

Our Programs


When you want the perfect mix of private sessions, group classes, workshops, and on-demand content, monthly Memberships are the way to go. Get the best of all worlds for one affordable price each month. Memberships are easy on the budget and very flexible, offering roll-over credits for unused sessions and classes.

Pilates JumpStart

Accountability and structure can be super helpful when starting a new habit. The Pilates JumpStart program provides you with a personalized Classical Pilates-based workout program. You will have a mix of group workouts, private sessions, supervise open studio workouts, and regular assessment sessions.

Private Sessions

One of the best way to learn Classical Pilates is with one-on-one training. Whether you want to overcome a fitness plateau, address a specific issue or pain, heal an injury, or simply need that focused YOU time, Private Sessions are your answer.

Tower Class


Small group classes are held multiple times a day, every day of the week. They range from pure, authentic Classical Pilates (Classical Core Class) to Pilates-inspired or Pilates-fusion classes that we call our Elective Classes.

Workshops & Social Events

Our studio is a community. We may all come from different backgrounds, but Pilates has brought us together. So (Covid-19 not withstanding) we regularly organize Pilates and food events such as Pilates & Pancakes, Teasers & Tacos, and Pilates in the Park. We also like to offer you opportunities to focus on specific topics you may find interesting in our Intensives and Workshops. Study, focus, workout, and eat with likeminded Pilates fans!

Basic Pilates at Home

Pilates Pods

Grab a group of your favorite people, and let us organize your own private Pilates class! Whether it’s an excuse to get your whole family working out, or you and your group have common goals or issues, we can design a special series of classes just for you. When staying connected with your friends and family overlaps with staying connected to your health, Pilates magic happens!

Pilates Teacher Certification Program

A key part of our mission is to make Pilates a more diverse space in the fitness world. One of the ways we do that is to actively seek out and train BIPOC and LBGTQIA people to become Classical Pilates instructors. Our comprehensive 18 month teacher Training Program is nationally accredited. Upon completing this program you will be ready to make teaching Classical Pilates a full-time career option.

(Due to COVID we have postponed the start date to Aug 15, 2021)

Corporate Membership

Get healthy together as a company! We all know that sitting still for long hours is detrimental to our bodies and our productivity, so why not encourage your employees to do Pilates together? 

Hate reading? Here, watch this video about our services instead.

This short viedo covers our major program. This will help you to select the program that best fits your needs.