Your Pilates Path

Ok, yes, we know there’s a lot to process when you first look at our program. Unlike many studios we offer more than private lessons or big group classes exculsivley on select equipment.  Whether you need the accountability of a private session or the flexibility of a membership, we can mix and match to find the path that works for your life!

Start Here: New Client Consultation 

New Client Consultation

Everyone starts with a new client consultation.  This package starts with a 50-mins private session, and depending on your body needs, three group class credits.  The package ends with a final one-on-one 30-min meeting where your instructor will chart out the best Pilates path for you.  It can be a mix of any of the services we offer, but it will be personalized to your goals, schedule, and most importantly, your budget.

FAQ:  Do you offer drop-in classes?

No. We do not.  A Classical Pilates studio fuctions quite differntly from studios you may be use to.  Workout a completely personialzed to your needs.  To do this we must see you in a private enviroment first. 

Common Pilates Paths 


This is the most popular path.  Membership ranges class-based to private-based.  The BASIC tier is a class-based membership with one private a month.  A PLUS has a balance of classes to private sessions.  Private sessions are  for you to get one-on-one attention to deepen your understanding and ability to do your exercises. Then practice them in a class or open studio environment. 

The PREMIUM membership is private-based membership with no classes, but unlimited open studio. The ultimate “Pilates Me Time” on a budget.  If you have a more complicated pre-existing injury or chronic condition, you might START with this membership.  Once you are pain-free/ healthier bodied we can downgrade you to a lower, more affordable membership tier. 

FAQ: Do I have to sign up for a long-term contract? 

No, our memberships are month-to-month. 

The rationale is it is common for some members to start our program with minor body weakness that causes acute pain. Some feel more comfortable, and quite frankly need, a one-on-one environment to be safe and get the most out of group classes.  

It is common for new members to start with a premium membership or a 5 packs of private sessions or a  BEFORE starting a lower tiered membership.  These options are best when you have a limited budget but need private sessions to make sure you do not injure yourself in a group class. 

FAQ: What is Open Studio?

Open studio is access to the studio equipment to do independent Pilates workout.  Classical Pilates is preferably done on high quality equipment design to maintain the exercise to exercise flow.  And yes..the equipment is very expensive.  So we created an affordable open studio system where you can EARN the privilege of workout under supervision of our staff.  Some chose to take the additional step to pass the Advanced Open Studio practical exam.  Upon passing you gain access to do more advanced exercises during open studio sessions and join the staff in weekly System Review sessions

Private Sessions

Private Sessions – You want your “Pilates Me Time”. You want to keep the Classical training in a one-on-one environment.  Or you suffer from a serious intermittent/ chronic injury or pain, or are pregnant.  

For on-going/ long term private sessions we require they select a regular day(s) and time(s) to train. We totally understand life happens, but we want to make sure you can have a sustainable training schedule with the instructor of your choice.   

Our Studio Manager, Alysia, oversees all your bookings after you complete your new client consultation and purchase your first 5 or 10 packages of private sessions.

Pilates Pods

Pilates is that much more fun with your best buddies taking the journey with you.   Pilates Pods are designed around the duet or trio clients in them. Like privates we require that all the participants in the pod select regular dates and times.  Our Studio Manager, Alysia, will oversee setting up your duet or trio sessions. Once step up is complete you/ your group can use our app or website to buy your sessions and book your regular training days. 

FAQ:  New Client Consultation? 

Yes, ALL new clients must complete a new client consultation.  If we know prior to your consultation that you wish to start duet/ trio sessions we can convert the three classes into one additional private session.  After completing both private sessions you can begin duet or trio sessions with your Pilates buddies.

Workshops & Social Events

Our studio is a community. We may all come from different backgrounds, but Pilates has brought us together. So (Covid-19 not withstanding) we regularly organize Pilates workshop  and food events.

Workshops: These are one day deep dives into one Pilates or fitness concept.   Learn from leaders in the Pilates and fitness industry.  Refine your Basic reformer workout with Ray.  Learn how you can tune up your eating.  Discover how top personal trainers create workout plans that you can maintain AND get results.  Most workshops are recorded so attendees can refer back to the material. 

Soical Events Pilates + Food..The best combo:  These are community social events where you can come get some Pilates in your belly, then throw some yummy food on top. Events such as Pilates & Pancakes, Teasers & Tacos, and Pilates in the Park to name a few.

* Social Events and Workshop are open to the public.

Teacher Certifcation

You desire to spread the healing benefit of a regular Pilates practice to others.  Consider earning a Pilates instructor certification.  Our program is unique in that we focus on recruiting BIPOC, LBGTQIA and the beautiful curvy bodies to become Pilates teachers. We are deeply passionate in spreading the belief that our bodies have the right to be safe, cherished, respected, and most importantly healthy in what shape, size, color, orientation that comes in. 

Our teacher certification program is two years long.  The first year interns learn the core concepts of being a fitness practitioner through Pilates exercises. The second year now, appreciates have the option to specialize in a minimum of two upper division tracks from earning a Classical Pilates certification to opening your own fitness/ Pilates studio.

Hate reading? Here, watch this video about our services instead.

This short viedo covers our major program. This will help you to select the program that best fits your needs.