Private Sessions

Private sessions are the most effective way to learn Classical Pilates. Working one-on-one with a trainer will help you develop a deep understanding of your own body, and progress significantly faster. Whether you need focused attention for pain reduction, or have specific issues you want to address, private sessions are a good choice. For some bodies it is the only way to safely experience exercise. 

Do I Need Private Sessions?

The short answer is: yes! Every single human will benefit from personal training of this kind. Joseph Pilates built his entire exercise regime around private sessions. He believed they were essential to making progress. 

During a private session you get a lot more than directions and a list of exercises. With our trainers you get corrective movement training, hands-on assistance to ensure under-utilized muscles wake up, and a much deeper understanding about what your body needs.

Private Sessions are an excellent choice if you are:


New to exercise or Classical Pilates


Recovering from an injury or surgery


Dealing with chronic pain or other chronic conditions


In need of extra hands-on assistance or have specific questions


Managing prenatal, pregnancy, or postpartum issues


A senior, youth, or clinically obese person


Ready to "test-out" of the Classical System (Basic, Inter., Adv.)


An athlete looking to improve performance

Find Your Pilates Instructor

Rayannah Salahuddin (she/her)

Co-Founder, Pilates & Fitness Instructor

Ray has worked in the fitness, health and intercollegiate sports industries for over 26 years.  Aside from her Classical Pilates certification, she holds advanced degrees in Kinesiology, as well as numerous certifications in pretty much everything but Yoga.   That said, you will never catch her calling herself  Dr. Salahuddin.  You will catch her dorking-out over the latest exercise science research, and pushing you to get every bit of squeeze, stretch, or lift out of your body.  So yeah, be ready for that!

Notable Certifications

  • Classical Pilates Instructor,  certified by Dorothree VanDalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle WA  2017
  • Personal Trainer – NSCA
  • Strength and Conditioning Specilist – CSCS
  • Group Fitness Instructor – AFAA
  • Indoor Cycle Coach – Martix/ Johnny G Spinning. ( We could go on but you get the idea).

Pilates Specialties

  • Special Populations:  Pregnancy, Recovering from injury,  Seniors,  Pain Management.
  • Weight Management- based Pilates training.
  • Pilates for Athletes/ Advanced Pilates Training
  • Transitioning to a high Pilates system (Advanced Systems)

Rachael Gray (she/her)

Co-Founder, Classical Pilates Instructor

Rae is our resident queer, burlesque-performing, leopard print-wearing, cheeseburger-eating Pilates glamazon. She was a shoe designer and costumer before one fateful day 7 years ago when she dislocated her hips, sacrum, tailbone, and lumbar spine. She found Pilates after years of living in constant pain so severe she could barely walk. Despite months of physical therapy, only a consistent Classical Pilates practice truly healed her hypermobile body and gave her back her life. This inspired her to earn her Classical Pilates teacher certification, in hopes that she might share this extraordinary method of movement with others who suffer from life-altering pain. 

Rae is a magician with super flexible bodies. She has thousands of hours of experience working with every type of body, and will keep you safe while making you strong! But don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll get off easy- she knows exactly how and when to push you to the next level! She didn’t earn the nickname “The Pilates Domme” without good reason, after all. Clients often refer to Rae’s rather unique ways of making complex exercises more approachable. She will have you “reaching for a martini over the sleeping cat on your lap ” and doing “an inappropriate thrust that would make a sailor blush” to get your pelvis in the right position. You will be laughing while your core muscles are dying at the same time.

Notable Certifications

  • Classical Pilates Instructor, certified 2017 by Dorothee VandeWalle at Metropolitan Pilates

Specialties Include:

  • Pilates for Hypermobility and EDS
  • Pilates for Chronic Pain
  • Pilates for Beginners
  • Back Pain Management
  • Corrective Movement Training
  • Dad jokes and bad puns

Kimberley "Kim" Ip (she/her)

Stott Pilates Instructor

Kim discovered her love of Pilates by way of dance. In College she took a Mat Pilates Teacher Training Course and felt a deep grounded strength and litheness she hadn’t experienced before. Upon graduating college she pursued a full teacher training program. Seven years, hundreds of training hours, and many exams later, she is fully certified in STOTT Pilates on all apparatus at the essential, intermediate, and advanced level. She is certified to teach a variety of populations, Pre/Post Natal and folks dealing with rehabilitating injuries. Her passion lies in helping students understand their own bodies as instruments of movement, so students feel aware and empowered by their individual and dynamic posture. She wants to enable students to see their movement beyond the shapes that Pilates teaches us to achieve, and find a deep body listening and intelligence.

Kim Specializes in:

  • Anatomy
  • Mindful Training


What do our clients say about Private Sessions?

“I use the privates that come with my membership.  I get 3 a month. I learn so much in these sessions it makes my group class much more effective. The best part is if I don’t use my privates they rollover to the next month.”

Antonio Compbell

Studio Online Plus Member

“I pepper in private session with my weekly workout rouines. Great way to prevent injury and strength my core.”

Emma T.

Non-Member, Buys 5 packs

“I have a bi-weekly private sessions- one with Ray and the other with Rachael. These session are fantastic!  Because the instructors take notes on my sessions I have a continuity of care.”

Joshua K.

Non-Member, Buys 10-packs