Pilates Pods

Have you ever dreamed of having a trainer just for you and your friends? Well, guess what? Now you can!

Pilates Pod classes are the best way to combine the comradery of a group with the privacy of a personal training session. Let one of our instructors design a class to help you and your selected group work towards a common goal!

If you are a business looking for private classes for your employees, please visit our Corporate Memberships page here.

Life is Better with Friends…

Pilates Pods are the best of all worlds, when you think about it. It’s the perfect combination of social accountability and privacy. So grab your family, grab your friends, and let us create a class or class series just for you and yours!

Private Group Training Packages

Single Session

Great if you and your friends want a few classes to add some Pilates into your group workouts. Class can be on Equipment or Mat, or both.

Cost: $125 per session

Max 3-5 participants

Ongoing Group Class

If your group can commit to a set day and time on a weekly basis, we discount the price to reward your commitment!

Rate per class: $120-$65 per class

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Special Private Group

Great for a group that shares a common performance or health-based interest or need.  (i.e. cancer survivor groups and family workout groups)

Rate per Class: $250- $125 per class

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Common Private Group Themes

Weight Management

When you want to make changes in your lifestyle, it’s a lot easier to do it alongside other people in your life. Let us help you all reach your goals together!

Extra Advanced Pilates

Ready for a serious butt-kicking? If you are ready to go beyond Advanced, it might be time to create a specialized  group with the guidance of your trainer. 

Workout Buddies

Accountability goes a long way when you hit those walls or plateaus. Use your small group training to help keep you and your community accountable to one another!

Special Focus

Does your whole family have tight lower backs? Maybe everyone wants to be more flexible, or perhaps everyone is too flexible! If you and a small group all suffer from the same pains or issues, a focused, carefully crafted series of private group classes are just the thing!

Stress Relief

Stressed? Who, us? I can’t imagine why…
Everyone knows physical movement helps humans manage stress, but sometimes even picking a class or planning a workout feels like too much work. Gather your group, pick a time, and let us help you manage that stress through Pilates! 


After an event that affects your body, community and focused care are crucial to recovery. Whether it’s a group of new moms who want to address postpartum issues, or you and a few friends in need of some real self care, we can guide you towards a healthier, happier body. 

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