Our Pricing

Affordability is the keystone our mission.

Our memberships offer the most inexpensive path to Classical Pilates training while adding accountability and structure.  ClassPacks and session packages can be use at your leisure, most expire after one year.

Non-Member Class and Session Pricing

Private Session Packages

Single Session | $125.00

4 Intro Pack  | $200.00  (For New Clients only)

5 Pack  | $625.00

10 Pack  | $1,125.00

Semi-Private Session

Single Session | $75.00

5 Pack  |  $375.00

10 Pack  |  $675.00

Mat Pilates

First Mat Class for $5   |  $5.00 (For New Clients Only)

Single Class  |  $15.00

30-Days Unlimited Mat & Focused Mat  |  $100.00

10 ClassPack  |  $120.00

Focused Mat

First Focused Mat Class for $5  | $5.00 (For New Clients Only)

Single Class  |  $15.00

30-Days Unlimited Mat & Focused Mat | $100.00

10 ClassPack  |  $120.00


At-Home Pilates

First Live Class Free |  (For New Clients Only)

Single Live Class  |  $7.00

30-Days Access to At-Home Pilates Program | $79.00

10 Live ClassPack  |  $80.00


Focused Equipment &  Pilates Circuit

This class format is not available for drop-in non-members.  To ensure your safety you must be familiar Classical Pilates and Gratz equipment.   Please contact us to purchase these classes as a non-member.

Use the “For Member” button to purchase additional equipment classes with your 20% discount.

Compare Membership Plans


An affordable way to make Classical Pilates a part of your life!  With a focus on group sessions, each tier give you a different level a semi-private attention.

Classes & Sessions Tier 1 ($98) Tier 2 ($165) Tier 3 ($250)
   Mat Pilates Unlimited Classes
   Focused Mat
   Equipment Classes 5 5 5
   Semi-Privates 0 1 3



For when you need your PILATES ME TIME!  These memberships offer the perfect balance of private attetion and group learning.  Invest in yourself! Focus on your specfic needs and goals in order to get the best results.

Classes & Sessions Tier 1 ($350) Tier 2 ($450) Tier 3 ($595)
Mat Pilates Unlimited Classes
Focused Mat
5 Equipment Classes Y Y Unlimted
Semi-Privates 3 3 4
Privates 1 2 4


At Home Pilates Program

For the busy bee that just can’t get to the studio more than 2 times a month.  Add live classes to your regular exercise routine or invest in the complete at home system for the best results.

Classes & Sessions Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($120) Tier 3 ($250)
Live Mat Unlimited Classes
Live Focused Mat
Online Workout Library Access Y Y Y
Semi-Privates 0 1 1
Privates 0 0 1


STILL NEED HELP??  Finding the right membership can be hard. Please feel free to contact us, or try filling out the online membership questionnaire.


Q. How does “Rollover Membership” work?

A. Any equipment class or session you do not use one month is transferred to the next month for use.

Q. Do Mat and Focused Mat classes rollover?

A. No.  Yet, if you have not attended any mat or focused mat class for a specific month you may use the true value of your mat and focused mat classes toward a private or semi-private session the next month.

Q. What does my Goals Coach do?

A. They will create your entire workout plan (Classical Pilates and beyond). They help you with whatever you need to meet your fitness goals: structure, accountability, praise.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. You can cancel up to 24 hours before your class or session. Within 24 hours you may be subject to a late cancelation fee or lose the class or session credit.

Q. What if I need to upgrade or downgrade my membership?

A. That is super easy.  Email membersupport@pilatesschoolsf.com at least 5 business day before you membership renews.

Q. Can I freeze or suspend my membership?

A. Yes! freeze your membership for any reason for up to 90 calendar days per year.  You can suspend your membership for a medical reason only.