Our Story

The initial seeds of an idea were planted on a sunny afternoon at our favorite local cafe. We were engaged in a caffeine-fueled discussion about how prohibitively expensive Classical Pilates can be. We asked ourselves if there was a more affordable way to bring this training to a larger audience.

Could we do it without diluting the integrity of the work? If we could, would we be able to dispel the myth that Pilates is only for flexible women and graceful dancers? How could we encourage people of all genders, backgrounds, and sizes to try integrating Pilates into their lives?

The answers to those questions converged upon a single solution, and that solution is what we now call The Pilates School.

This program is our way of sharing the transformative experience of authentic Classical Pilates with a larger audience in a clear, organized, and focused way. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to keep your body strong, safe, and balanced no matter where life takes you. Classical Pilates is a journey of self-discovery, and we want to guide you along yours.

Classical Pilates is for everyBODY.  Here’s to the journey!

-Ray, Rachael, & Louis



Chief Executive Officer & Instructor

Former Volleyball Coach, Ray Salahuddin brings with her an advanced degree in Kinesiology and numerous certifications. In addition to Pilates she has certifications from AFFA, Cycle, NSCA-CSCS, TRX. Committed to her continuous evolution as an Instructor, Ray is most proud of her certification in Classical Pilates. Ray trained with Martt Lawrence at The Pilates Center of San Francisco where she completed an arduous program and examination with Master Trainer, Dorothee Vandewalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. The authentic Classical Pilates method has changed her life and her passion is to share the transformational benefits a Pilates practice can bring



Principal Marketing and Branding & Instructor

Rachael discovered the life-changing benefits of Pilates after suffering a spine injury, and her passion for teaching is informed by that experience. She aims to help clients develop body awareness, and reconnect with themselves through deep, centering exercise. When not in the studio this tall, body-positive performer can be found on a stage or sewing costumes.


Chief Operating Officer & Instructor

Louis came to Classical Pilates as a way to rehab from reconstructive surgery. He fell in love with the total body workout that comes with Pilates. Being a dancer and choreographer he also really enjoys the ownership of the exercises that is very important with the classical system. Working with Louis mixes a serious workout while also being relaxed and having a good time. Just because you’re exercising doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Louis received his training under the tutelage of Martt Lawrence and Dorothee Vandewalle through Pilates Center San Francisco and Metropolitan Pilates.

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Our Students Love Us

“I want to keep this school a secret because the teachers are so good.  Unlike other Pilates studios (even one that’s a teaching studio) that I’ve been to, Ray, Louis and Rachel actually pay close attention to my form.  — When I first met Ray, I told Ray I got strange tingling when doing everyday movements but my doctors said it was nothing to worry about.   That night she took it upon herself to look it up and showed me how I can fix that.  Thanks to them, I rarely get that tingling anymore. — And they make Pilates fun (“pretend you’re reaching for a martini while a kitten is in your lap”). — They noticed things and gave me tips that no other physical therapists, Pilates, dance, martial arts or parkour told me. —- I’m so grateful for their passion to make Pilates more affordable. I wish I found them earlier. — It’s best to book through their website, not via other websites.” Jess C.

“It was a great class. Ray really explains the exercises and the reasons for them. She also insists on correct form.” Sally A.

“Fantastic private class essentially gave us modifications for each body type and level. great knowledgeable instructor” Rachel N.

“Great workout! Louis is an empathetic and articulate instructor who pays great attention to his students individualized needs.” ClassPass Participant

“I cannot say in words how each of you have helped me transform ( literally) from being a person in lot of pain, anxiety and paranoia to an extent to someone more confident about my body and it’s strength. I am so happy to be on this path now and actually continue to progress. I am looking forward to being pain free and my former self only more stronger and self-aware. — I have immense respect for all of you because this is something that every person needs to do and glad to have found you!” Yuva M.

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