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This is My Social Justice: Being a Studio Owner

"But Ray..., you are giving it [Pilates] away," my master Pilates trainer scrutinized as I expressed my vision of a more inclusive pilates studio. She cautioned that opening a studio of this nature was premature. I knew my fellow colleagues meant well, but...

Making an At-Home Workout Plan that Actually Works

Starting a self-driven exercise plan is a big commitment. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to do it all yourself. For those that don't have thousands of dollars to spend on personal training, at-home workouts may be the best choice. If this sounds like you, then you're...

Joseph H. Pilates: A Brief History of Classical Pilates

“As a heavy rainstorm freshens the water of a sluggish or stagnant stream and whips it into immediate action, so does the Pilates method purify the bloodstream”.- Joseph PilatesNearly a century ago, German born Joseph Hubertus Pilates developed a...

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