Open Studio

Sometimes you just need time on the Reformer, you know? Members who have reached a certain level of proficiency within our program can book time on the equipment, and take ownership over their Pilates practice! 

How do I Qualify for an Open Studio membership?

Once you have reached a certain level of Advanced proficiency on all the equipment in the studio, you can request to pass a test that qualifies you to book Open Studio time on the equipment.

Alumni of the Pilates School and other certified Classical Pilates instructors will also qualify. 

Why Open Studio? It’s a cheap way to get your time on the equipment, without having to pay for private training. Once you’ve shown your ability to safely, effectively use the equipment at a high level of proficiency, we sign you up for an Open Studio Membership that allows you to make use of everything in the studio on your own time. 

Basic Requirements: 


Must be a graduate of our program or certified instructor


Must pass Open Studio test with Ray or Rachael


Must be high Intermediate or Advanced in your Pilates practice

How to Qualify for Open Studio Membership

Pass Open Studio Test

Pass the Open Studio test with Ray or Rachael to show your complete knowledge of studio safety, proper equipment use, and self-lead Pilates.

Attend System Reviews

Several times a year we offer workshops to review the entire system of Classical Pilates. Open Studio Members must attend one every 6 months. 

Re-Test Every 6 months

It’s easy to overlook details and small errors over time. Every 6 months we re-test Open Studio Members to make sure nothing has fallen through the cracks. 

Thinking of becoming a Pilates Instructor?

Do you love Classical Pilates? Do you want to share that love with others? We are starting a comprehensive, in-depth Teacher Training program in 2021!