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What’s New!

The newest and coolest fresh upload classes with a few oldies but goodies that seem to be folks go-to workouts!  All the workout are free to try. Please seek a doctors advise before beganing any new exericse program. Please use your best judgement and have fiun learning putting some Pilates in your belly!

Featured Workout: Let's Get Magical w/ Rachael Gray

What is better than intermediate mat..doing it over and over and over again..YAH! Rachael will break down the intermediate mat in a way where you can master your order, transitions, and get every bit of juice from those abs.

Classical Pilates Mini Lesson: Balance Your Powerhouse on Your Right & Left Side

It is common for most beginners to Classical Pilates to have differences in strength, flexibility, and control between your right and left halves of the body.  This can make it difficult to gain access to your powerhouse muscles.  In this mini intensive session Ray guides you through how to gain access to your powerhouse while starting recognizing the difference in your right and left sides of your body.

Class Length: 29.25 mins
Equipment Needed: Magic Circle and Black Theraband

No Chair - Wunda Chair

This fun variation on a mat workout. Ray incorporates light equipment to simulate exercises on the Wunda Chair.  A great challange for you balance, properoception, and stamina.  You will also learn some fun new and exciting exericses you might not get a chance to try outside of a Classical Pilates Studio.

Time Length: 45:58
Equipment Needed: Theraband, Foam Roller, Magic Circle
Level: Strong Basic to Intermediate

Class by Type

Classical Core Classes

Strictly Classical Pilates that ue light equipment to simulate major Pilates equipment exericses.

Mat Pilates

Test you powerhouse with the basic, intermediate, or advanced Classical mat exericse orders.

Pilates + Cardio

Combine your cardio training with Pilates.  Dance  and sweat to Pilates Pulse or CardioCore.

Pilates + Strength

Pilates minded strength training.  Focus on form and techquie in InTENsity and Pilates Strong.

Pilates + Strecth

Rejuvenate and release tight muclse and anxeities our Pilates based streacth classes.

Class by Length

Basic Pilates at Home

Mini Workouts: 30mins or less

Magical Mat

Full Workouts: 45mins

Inter Mat Class

Full Workouts: 60mins

Adv Mat Pilates

Masterclasses: 60mins+

Coming Soon!

Class by Body Part

Hip pain

Hips, Legs & Glutes

Classes that fouces on flexiabilty, strength, balance in your lower core and upper legs.

Pilates Strong

Upper Body, Arms, and Shoulders

Symatrey, muscluar endurance and improving posture. 

Woman Lifting II

Abs, Spine, and Lower Back

Strengthen, access, articulation, and aligment your powerhouse.

Pilates neck

Feet, Calves, Neck & Hands

Improve awareness, dexterity, and prevent repeative stress injuires.

Class by Level

Pilates Newbie

Class for a someone complete new to Classical Pilates.

Pre-Pilates to Basic

Learning how to access your core muscle within the foundational exericses.


Classes that challenege your powerhouse, focus, and stamina. 


Classes that take your Pilates practice to the next level.

Class by Instructor

Intensity Class

Rachael Gray

The Pilates Diva Extrodinaire 

Pilates Strong

Rayannah Salahuddin

The Pilates Professor

Interactive Online Classes

Kimberley Ip

The Detailed Pilates Detective 

Class by Classical Pilates Progression

Release Date: 6/1/21 at 12:00am


Learning how to access your powerhouse.  Creating a foundation for centering, control, and breathing to start the Basic system exericses.


Learning the goals and your variation of the foundational exericses on the equipment and on mat.   Develop your ability to pass your Basic System test.

Strong Basic/ Low Inter.

Refining your Basic system around the studio in Open Studio workouts.   Laying the foundation to learn Intermediate exericses on the mat and reformer. 


Getting ready for your inter. mat and the first 1/2 of reformer test out.  Starting learning the intermediate system around the studio.

High Intermediate

Gaining confidence in your intermediate open studio workouts. Dive back into the Basic system while learning high inter exericses. 


Prepare to test out of the inter system to apply for open studio membership.  For members seeking to graduate start leaning advanced exericses. 



Pilates Series


What our clients say about us

“I’m a working student and with COVID and losing my job I was surfing YouTube for free workouts with no idea if they are good for me.  By joining he Community membership I get live and on-demand Pilates classes and Ray emailed free workouts that were good for ME.  After three weeks I feel so much better. I love taking on-demend Pilates for Stress Reduccion class w/ Kim.”

Christina G.

Community Member

“I took the Classical Core class randomly. Kim’s class was amazing. She saw every error and helped me to do 100’s without hurting my low back.  I’m a member of  the gym near my job, but I will take more classes at this studio for sure.”

ClassPass Review

“I do HIIT and Peleaton classes as my mian workout.  I buy 5 packs of interactive classes so Ray can keep my body balanced and I get feedback on my form. 

The InTENsity class was a revelation. I didn’t know I was doing push-up and rows wrong until Ray  corrected me. Now my neck doesn’t hurt anymore!”

Vinesa R.

5 ClassPack Client