New Client Consultation

We make it easy to try a little bit of everything. Let’s get you started on your Classical Pilates journey…

ALL new clients start with the New Client Consultation Package.  This lets us help you determine your goals, milestones, and needs while experiencing a little bit of everything we offer.

Until Dec 31st your consultation package includes TWO private sessions with the trainer of your choice, and THREE small group classes.  * Starting  on Jan 3rd, 2022 this package will go back to only one private session, 2 classes and 30-min meeting.    

After you complete this package we will meet to recommend the best Pilates School package or membership for you in a 1-on-1 30 minute “My Pilates Path” planning session. 


FAQ About New Client Consultations

  • What is included in a new client consultation?
  • Do you offer reformer and/or mat classes? I can’t find them.
  • I’m super fit, should I start with advanced classes?
  • Is Classical Pilates going to make my core muscles strong?
  • I like group classes.  Can I start with that instead of a private session?
  • What if I only have private sessions?
  • I think I need private lessons, but I can’t afford them.  Is there a sliding scale or income-driven pricing?
  • I’m booking my classes. Which class is best for me?
  • Do you have a mobile app?

Do I Need To Start With Private Sessions Only?

Private sessions are the most effective way to create a Classical Pilates practice.  Yes, they can be expensive, yet some it is the best route to long term health.

  • Have a chronic illness or injury that can be exacerbated by exercise.
  • Suffer from muscle or joint pain that affects daily activities.
  • Prenatal or postpartum women.
  • You learn best or prefer in a 1-on-1 environment.
  • You wish to see fast results.

If some of these statements resonate with you, consider starting our program with a private-based new client consultation. $280 for 3 private sessions.