Ok, let’s be real. There is a lot of cheap, watered down Pilates out there. But to create permanent change in your body, it’s best to go back to the source material.  That’s why our program is built around the original core workout: authentic Classical Pilates.

Getting Started…

When you join the Pilates School you’re joining a program that sees you as a whole human being. You’re more than a set of abs with a wallet to us! Once you start training with us you’ll immediately feel the difference in our people-first approach.

By the time you are ready to select a membership package you must have already completed a New Client Consultation, and your trainers should have recommended a membership for you. If this is the case, simply select the recommended membership and follow the steps to complete your purchase. You may start booking your classes and private sessions right away! Expect a series of emails over the next week outlining your program.

Done all of that? Then we want to officially welcome you to The Pilates School SF! Learning about your body through Classical Pilates is a truly amazing experience. Be patience, be consistent, and enjoy your journey with us.

Diversity Is Beautiful

Basic Membership

This class-based membership offers unlimited small group classes, open studio, and one private session per month.   

Your private session is usually focused on teaching and refining the workout routines you will perfect in class, and eventually do on your own in open studio sessions or at-home workouts.

Empowerment is the focus of this membership; personal responsibility, self-motivation, and taking ownership of your workouts are key to your success in this membership.

In-Studio Practice: 2-3 hrs/week

At-Home Study: 1-2 hrs/week

$165/ month

no contract

 Plus Membership

This membership offers a balance of private sessions and group classes. Every month you get unlimited small group classes, unlimited open studio credits, and three private sessions. 

This is our most popular membership! It allows for weekly one-on-one sessions to get that highly personalized hands-on training from an instructor. Most Plus Members think of group classes as a way to practice the detailed training they received in their private sessions. This is an ideal situation for anyone who wants to become more self-sufficient with their Pilates, but needs guidance and support along the way.

In-Studio Practice: 3-4hrs/week

At-Home Study: 1 hr/week

$350/ month

no contract

Premium Membership

This is the ideal membership for those that need or want a one-on-one training environment.

If you struggle to stick with a workout plan, if you’re rehabbing an injury, or if you simply know you learn better with focused hands-on training, this is the membership for you. Some clients start with the Premium Membership for a few months before switching to a Plus Membership once they feel comfortable enough to join classes. 

With two private sessions a week and unlimited open studio sessions, members that choose this route will feel the results much faster. Regular private sessions on set days make it easy for you to stay accountable to yourself. All you need to do is get yourself to the studio, and we do the rest!

In-Studio Practice: 3-5hrs/week

At-Home Study: 0-1 hr/week

$820/ month

3-month contract

The Membership Lifecycle

Step #1 Orientation

Being consistent with your workouts for the first 90 days of any exercise plan is the key to your success. We will help you set achievable milestones, assist you in defining your goals, and keep you accountable as you progress.

Key milestones in this stage are:

(1) New member orientation session

(2) Access “Your Pilates Path”

(3) Learn in-home routines

(4) Learn Pre-Pilates/Basic exercises

This stage ends after you pass the Pre-Pilates and Basic system practical exams.

Step #2 : Mastering the Fundamentals

At this stage you will start adding regular open studio workouts to your weekly training schedule. We recommend a temporary increase in your private sessions as you start to learn the Intermediate Mat routine.

Near the end of this stage you will be  ready to select and fine-tune all the exercises your body still needs from the Pre-Pilates and Basic system. If you excel at this stage we may introduce a few new Reformer exercises too! 

At the end of this stage you will be ready to pass the practical exam for the Intermatemedte Mat.  

Step #3: The Meat of Pilates

This is without a doubt the most densely packed part of our program. There are endless possibilities and hundreds of exercises to try within the larger Intermediate System. 

This is also when you will learn how to curate your own workouts to address your body’s unique needs using the Reformer, Mat, Wunda Chair, and much more.

Most people live in this area for a long time because it is loads of fun! The end of this stage is marked by successfully passing all the Intermediate level practical exams on the four major pieces of Classical Pilates equipment.  

Step #4: Study up for the Finals

Time to get ready for your all-system exams. For most people it takes several months to complete all the exams. Exams will cover the entire breadth of knowledge you have learned in your time here. It is one of the hardest exams in our program, but once you pass you will see how far you have come.

Once you pass your final exams you are considered a GRADUATE of our program. You also become eligible for a wide array of member benefits such as the Open Studio membership, the equipment leasing and purchasing program, attending system reviews, and more.  All these option will be covered in a private session about a week after you graduate.

Step#5: Tackling the Advanced System

About 15% of our members are “Pilates Lifers”. Classical Pilates is the way they choose to express their physical fitness.  Those who choose this route will learn and master the Advanced System. Like the intermediate stage it is another dense dive into Classical Pilates.

Get ready for a lot of private sessions and Advanced Classical core classes. It can take an additional year in our program to be ready to begin your Advanced exams.

At the end of this stage you will have at least four final exams (Advanced Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac to name a few). Once you pass these exams you are considered a MASTER GRADUATE.

Step #6: Teacher Certification and More

Once you’re a MASTER GRADUATE you can do one or all of the following: 

(1)Be automatically accepted to our teacher certification program for the next twelve consecutive months. The teacher certification program is a part-time two year program where you will become a certificated, highly trained Pilates instructor. 

(2) Use our studio as your forever gym. You will continue to refine and perfect your practice in Advanced level classes, system reviews, and take advantage of everything we offer. 

(3) Start an Open Studio membership, only available to graduates. Or purchase/lease equipment for your in-home practice.

Member Stories: How is Your Pilates Jouney So Far?

I have to be honest…there are days!  I joined because of my serious neck and hip pain.  I have had sessions with Rachael and Rae where I feel like I made such great progress.  Then I struggle to replicat it by myself at home. So frustrating!!!  Some days all I can do is trust Ray’s advice she gave me one day: “Trust the process, some days may be up, some down.  But it’s all about how you choose to let it affect your perception of yourself.  I see someone that will reach her goals, do you?”

I am someone that will reach her goals!


Current Stage: Mastering The Fundamentals

This is the best thing I’ve done for my body. Rachael and Ray are amazing! I’ve already told everyone I know about them so I figured I’d write this review and let all of YOU know too!


Current Stage: (Re) Tackling the Advanced System

My body has come alive!  My ankle and knee pain is completely gone.  I sweat so much in my workouts, and my poor brain can barely handle all this information.  Don’t get me started on memorizing the intermediate mat and reformer orders.  OMG so hard!!!  Rae and Ray are relentlessly on me to “work to the goal Megan”, “No excuses Megan”.  You will learn to hate Ray’s “okay one more time” infinite repetitions.  I certian do!  When I look back on my old body.  When I thought there was nothing I could do about the pain, and I would just be limping my whole life to today.  The Pilates School SF is compleyely worth it.  Thank you TPS! Can’t wait for more hard workouts.


Current Stage: The Meat of Pilates