Ok, let’s be real. There is a lot of cheap, watered down Pilates out there. But to create permanent change in your body, it’s best to go back to the source material.  That’s why our program is built around the original core workout: authentic Classical Pilates.

Getting Started…

When you join the Pilates School you’re joining a program that sees you as a whole human being. You’re more than a set of abs with a wallet to us! That’s why we recommend starting your journey with a New Client Consultation package. 

A New Client Consultation includes 1 private session, 3 group classes, and 3 on-demand online courses. Our goal is to get to know you and your body, help you define your short and long term goals, and give you a chance to taste test all of our offerings. Once you’ve started the process we will help you figure out the most affordable way for you to proceed, and do everything we can to help you achieve your goals! 

Diversity Is Beautiful

Premium At-Home Membership

  • Unlimited interactive online
  • Unlimited on-demand classes
  • 1 private session every 3 months.

**Most popular option during COVID.**

$99/ month

12 month contract

In-Studio Memberships

  • Unlimited in-studio & online classes
  • Unlimited on-demand classes
  • Bi-monthly privates and open studio sessions.

Affordable way to get Pilates in your body!

Starting at $165/ month

12 Month Contract

Private Based Hybrid Memberships

  • Weekly or bi-weekly private sessions
  • Weekly open studio sessions
  • Unlimited in-studio and online classes

If you need you Pilates “ME” time

Starting at $850/ month

3 Month contract

Membership Journey

Why choose a membership? 

At the heart of The Pilates School is a desire to make Classical Pilates more accessible. One of the ways we did that was to design an entire training system that enables members to work towards being self sufficient. Our memberships are a way to give you as many opportunities as possible to learn Pilates each month. Each membership is a mix of private training (when we zero in on your specific needs and adjustments), small group training (where you can put those newfound adjustments into practice), and Independent Workout time with guidance. This combo gives you the tools to achieve your goals much more efficiently.

Often Pilates training is prohibitively expensive- so much so that few people can afford to meet with their trainer more than once a week. That is not a sustainable plan for long-term change! That’s why our ultimate goal is to give you such solid, comprehensive training that you no longer need us!

That’s also why we offer our advanced students Open Studio time on the equipment. You can work up to the freedom of Open Studio time with Independent Workouts, in which you and your trainer agree on a precise series of exercises that you practice on the equipment when your trainer is in the studio. Think about it like guided free time with a goal! Very few studios allow clients to use the equipment without paying for an hour of personal training. We think that’s silly. We want to empower you, not make you beholden to us. Each member’s journey is unique, but the goal for all members is to develop a solid understanding of Classical Pilates, so that they might “test out” of the program, use the equipment on their own time, and maintain their own independent Pilates practice.

 Below we outline the steps involved in “graduating” from The Pilates School.

The Membership Lifecycle

Step 1: New Client Consultation

Get a package of classes and a private session to try a little bit of everything. We will work with you to identify your body’s needs, and create a plan for your journey through our program.

Step 2: New Member Orientation

The first 90 days of any new habit are key! We help you set achievable milestones and keep you accountable. After 90 days you may choose to take the test to gain Independent Workout privileges.

Step 3: Learn the Basic System

Focus on mastering the fundamentals. Learning the Pre-Pilates and Basic system is essential because they are the foundation upon which you build. This is also when you start to notice small changes in how you move, look, and feel.

Step 4: Dive into the Intermediate System

This is without a doubt the most densely packed part of our program. There is so much to learn here. Most people swim around in this pool forever. There are endless possibilities and hundreds of exercises to try within the Intermediate system. This is also when you will learn how to curate your own workouts to address your body’s unique needs.

Step 5: Pilates & Beyond

By this time you’ve been swimming in the Intermediate pool for a while, and you’re noticing changes in every aspect of your life. Your pain is reduced or gone, you sleep better, you notice clothes fit differently, you find yourself feeling strong and grounded. This is when you start to feel that permanent change we talk about. Now we plan how Pilates will fit into the rest of your life.  

Step 6: Tackling the Advanced System

For those who want to evolve their Pilates practice into its own artform, we offer training in the Advanced system. When People end up loving the more advanced work we recommend that they “graduate” and apply to have Open Studio time. This is also the point at which you might consider applying to our new Teacher Training program.

What do our Members Say About Us?

Update: it’s been years now and this is still the best thing I’ve done for my body. Rachael and Ray are amazing and have handled this whirlwind of a year fabulously. I miss getting to use the equipment in the studio but since all gyms are closed their personalized online classes have been the best for keeping me going (and not falling apart from sitting all day!). I’ve already told everyone I know about them so I figured I’d update this review and let all of YOU know too!.


OG Member

This school is the real deal! All the trainers pay such close attention you and get to know your physical idiosyncrasies and taught me what real core strength actually was! I didn’t have it before.  They get to know you and what you need and that is the best if you’re trying to improve your physical health!


Member since 2018

I have a hyper mobile pain ridden body due to a genetic condition, and I had tried everything from opiates to physical therapy and surgery with barely any relief. I find most Pilates instruction has injured me, or not pushed me enough to make progress. Rachael takes the time to understand my condition so she knows exactly how to teach me. I have gotten stronger and significantly reduced my chronic pain thanks to her knowledgeable instruction.
This has seriously changed my life and given me hope for a future where I want to be alive.

Former Member