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Welcome to our Little Pilates Community!

We know it’s unheard of, but we actually we care about you. No, really!

Our program is designed to guide and empower you. Most stay in our program for 18-24 months, but some stick around for life. Read about a few of our members’ journeys below. 

Meet A Few of Our Lovely Members

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca started our program to develop her core muscles.  She suffered from low back and neck pain. Even throughout COVID closures Rebecca stayed committed to her two-three sessions a week.  She started in the Pre-Pilates system in 2019 and is now learning the Intermediate exercises on the reformer. She was so excited to finally learn Intermediate neck and upper back exercises to add to her regular at-home and on-the-road workouts.

The change to her lifestyle is dramatic. Rebecca is a writer, and she now has the tools to sit with good posture while she is writing. We are so proud of Rebecca; she is a rockstar!

Rebecca did not let COVID get in the way of her progress. Her first unassisted rollup happened during a COVID lockdown!! Just check out the look on her face!

We regularly record your personalized workouts.  So you can do them on your own one day, like Bill.

Meet Bill

Bill and his awesome wife Kathrine found us through ClassPass.  Bill’s job required him to lift heavy boxes and crates which caused knee pain. His knee pain forced him to give up his favorite way to workout: weight lighting. Over six months with us Bill learned how to use his newly developed core muscles and leg strength to return to the weight room safely.

Being around Bill’s thirst to learn and heal his body combined with his work ethic was a pleasure. We loved having him in our program!

Meet Libby

Libby started our program during spring of 2021.  She quickly realized that her low back pain was caused by her unstable hips and uneven sides. She started with a few months of private sessions to make sure every rep was correct, and to help her get ready to take group classes. Libby was able to take a long term deep dive into her Classical Pilates training because of our more affordable membership options and open studio. Because of this she stayed committed to three training sessions a week.

Libby is progressing beautifully, as indicated by the clip above. She went from back pain every day to beautiful backbending!  Keep up the great work Libby!!!

Libby’s first backbend in Intermediate reformer

Laura on Wunda

Meet Laura - Our Supermom

Laura is our high-powered supermom.  She is a Pilates School SF member for life!  She likes that our program offers a continuity of care so she can train with any trainer in a private, class, or open studio. She does need an occasional “nudge” to get into the studio, and we are happy to provide it. Laura knows we will be there for her in spite of her busy work schedule and long weekends at her son’s basketball tournaments.

What we love most about Laura is her positive vibe she brings to every training session. She’s a joy to have in class!


Jade proves anyBODY can do advanced mat exercises. It just takes hard work and dedication (photo credit to Studiomix @2019)

Meet Jade - A Pilates School Original

Jade has and loves her beautiful curves.  She was our first member and helped us refine our program during our first two years. She trusted us (Rachael & Ray) to try something crazy to see if Classical Pilates training could be affordable without watering the work down. She started our program as a Basic mover, and is now Advanced in her Classical Pilates practice.

We most enjoy Jade when she becomes a glorified teacher’s assistant to a new member that is struggling with an exercise. It is inspiring to see her share the knowledge she has gained with others. She proves that any BODY can express an advanced level in Classical Pilates. All it takes is fortitude and dedication to the work.

Yuva - Her Complete Journey

Yuva joined our program in late 2018, referred to us from physical therapy. She struggled with labored breathing and chronic pain in her upper back and left leg.  We still remember Yuva’s first session with her legs shaking, trying to do Pre-Pilates leg and footwork exercises. There were very tough moments where she felt she would be plagued with constant body pain for the rest of her life.

Fast-forward 14 months and she was a completely different person living a full life. The day she returned to Kartak dancing, one of her greatest passions in life was a truly wonderful day that Yuva worked very hard to earn. By the time she was ready to move out of the country she was practicing high Intermediate Classical Pilates exercises. Never again would she suffer from shoulder and neck pain, or labored breathing because no matter where she is in the world, she continues to keep a constant Pilates practice that she learned at the Pilates School SF.

Yuva in India

What Do Our Members Say?

I’m a working mom, so I don’t have time to waste! Ray and Rachael pack so much into their classes that it’s the most efficient exercise I can think of. They also know anatomy like no one, so no matter how challenging, classes are always safe. I have a history of lower back issues, but since I started going to the Pilates School SF, I’ve become much stronger, and the flare ups don’t happen anymore. And you’d think that after a few years at the same studio I might get bored, but I never have because no class is ever the same, plus the teachers’ energy is inspiring. They are also some of the funniest women in the business! 

Annual Membership since 2019

Will enjoys weight lifting, but experienced intermittent shoulder pain. He joined out program during in summer of 2021. We helped him discover that he needed to improve his core strength and flexibility. Currently, with more access to his core he has opted to dedicate his training time to Classical Pilates.

Basic Membership since 2021