Pilates JumpStart Program

We get it. Making life changes is hard! Set yourself up for success with the JumpStart program!

Pilates JumpStart builds extra support on top of the structure of our membership system using personal coaches, accountability, and social networks. Together we will work towards your goals in a healthy, sustainable way! 

Why JumpStart?

If you thrive when you have external support, this is the program for you. If you know that there will be days when you want to skip class, but won’t skip if people are depending on you, this is the program for you. If you have trouble sticking with a goal for more than a few weeks, this is the program for you. If you want more guidance than a standard membership can offer, this is the program for you. If you have big goals and aren’t sure how to meet them alone, well, guess what? This is the program for you. We could go on…

Traveling a path with companions makes for a better journey. Pilates JumpStart is our answer to the age old question, “but how do I make lasting change in my health?” First, we start with the structure and personalized training included in all of our memberships, and we add regular check-ins and guidance from a dedicated coach. This coach helps schedule your cornerstone workouts (the ones you never miss, no matter what), and plan realistic short-term goals that lead you towards your long-term goals. Then we add a social network to provide you with motivation and more accountability. Based on your goals and schedule you will be grouped with three or four other clients on a similar journey, and together we will push past the plateaus, laugh through the struggles, and get you over those bumps in the road to better health.

Walking group

2021 Pilates JumpStart Schedule

Pilates JumpStart is a 1 year program, divided up into 6 sections. Each section is focused on a goal that you and your training buddies will strive for together with the help of your coach. You can join one section at a time, but we recommend that people stay committed to their training group for the entire year to ensure the best possible results and long-term habit changes

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Foundation Training

This is where it all begins. Together let’s build a strong foundation. For 12 weeks get 1 private session per week and 2 group workouts focused on safely introducing your body to regular exercise.

Limit: 20 Participants

Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition & Hydration

While we continue your group training, your private sessions for the next 3 weeks are replaced with an interactive, judgement-free nutrition course.

Limit: 20 Participants

Woman Lifting II

Building Stability

Time to build on those basics! Now we turn up the intensity on those weekly private sessions and group workouts to prepare for your first Peak Course. Be prepared to work!

Limit: 20 Participants

Inter reformer exericse

Peak Training

Suit up and prepare for your first big push! For four weeks we will push your body into a new level of fitness and performance. Go farther than you thought you could with the support of your coach, trainers, and workout buddies!

Limit: 20 Participants

Building Strength

Whew! You’ve reached a whole new level of body awareness and fitness, and now it’s time to normalize that for your body. We return to tri-weekly workouts and continue to build on the improvements made during Peak Training.

Limit: 20 Participants

Power Rows

And Now You Are the Master

You did it. Holy ****!! But now what? Spend the last three weeks of your program developing a Pilates and fitness program and plan that you can maintain for the rest of your life, and reflect on the huge changes you’ve made!

Limit: 20 Participants

This was the hardest fitness related program I have ever done. I don’t just mean the workouts, but how Ray challenged me from course to course to confront the (as she would say) “Real life” obsticles I was putting in my own way.   I learned so much about myself,  I feel like I’m becoming the person I always aspired to be.  I also made life-long friends. Bruce and I still workout together near a year later. 

John G.

Former JumpStarter

Pick Your Coach

You can work with one or all of our JumpStart Coaches

Rayannah Salahuddin

Rayannah Salahuddin

Classical Pilates/ Personal Trainer

Ray has worked in the fitness, health and intercollegiate sports industries for over 26 years.  Aside from her Classical Pilates certification, she holds advanced degrees in Kinesiology, as well as numerous certifications in pretty much everything but Yoga.   That said, you will never catch her calling herself  Dr. Salahuddin.  You will catch her dorking-out over the latest exercise science research, and pushing you to get every bit of squeeze, stretch, or lift out of your body.  So yeah, be ready for that! 

Rachael Gray

Rachael Gray

Classical Pilates Instructor

Rachael is our resident 6 foot tall, queer, glamazon of a trainer. She found Pilates while recovering from an injury, so she has firsthand experience in what she calls “starting from zero”. Rachael (Rae) will safely push you towards your goals, no matter where you are starting. Health and fitness can be emotional roads to travel, and Rae’s blend of humor and compassion are balanced out by the way she pushes you to get the absolute most out of every workout. They don’t call her “The Pilates Domme” for nothing! 

Only interested in one or two JumpStart courses?

If you want the social connection and accountability of the program, but you are only interested in one or two courses, you may be able to join a specific group when a spot opens up. Check in with us!