FAQ: Membership

After your consultation, you should feel like you have a more clear vision of what you can accomplish at The Pilates School SF.  Below are a few of our most commonly asked question about memberships.

Do I have to sign up for a long-term contract?

For the Basic and Plus membership there is no contract.  We have a strict 30-day cancelation policy.  The Premium membership there is a three month contract because we set aside a big chuck of private studio time.

What happen if I miss a month..or two?

First our job is to make sure you don’t let you, and we hold you accountable to your commitment to yourself.  Yet, if you do miss a month we can easily convert the US dollars value of your membership that month into a private session you can use the next month.  After being gone for a month you will need a few privates to get you back on track. (Member private rate: $85/ each).

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Do I need to keep a card on file? When are due charged?

Yes you do need to keep a card on file with us for a membership.  The charge date is the day you join.  You can change that date with a 30 day notice to our studio manager, Alysia.

I just want to take a Pilates class sometime.  Is this the right studio for me?

Unless you are already at the high intermediate/ advanced level mover in Classical Pilates, the answer is no we are not.  Our membership is a program that requires a certain amount of commitment and dedication to learn all that is Classical Pilates.  This will include in-studio and at-home practice and study.

Popping in from time to time will not work, we need you to commit to at least one Classical Core class a week.

I only like Reformer classes.  Can I just do those and nothing else?

We hate to be a downer, but no you can not.  Members will progressively rotate through all the equipment based on their need and level.

My goal is weight loss.  Will I lose weight here?

Your Pilates Path is personalized to you.  If your primary goal is weightloss we will create a program, eating plan, cardio training within teaching you Classical Pilates.  So if that is your goal, yup we can make that happen.

What does in-studio and at-home study mean?

Getting a Pilates body for life starts with you doing Pilates everyday.  In-studio means workouts on the equipment.  At-home can mean doing your mat exercises or cracking those booklets and workbooks.  Getting that Pilates study time in.

Can upgrade or downgrade my membership?

In most cases yes. You can easily upgrade to Plus or downgrade to Basic.  If you have a Premium membership you must complete the three month contract before downgrading to a lower tier.

I’m going on vacation. Can I frezze my membership?

If you will be on vacation for a month or more, Yes you can.  If  your vacation is less than a month we will convert the US dollar value of the days missed into private sessions you can take when you return.  Alysia will need a 14-days notice to process these requests.

This program seem like a serious commitment. Do I have to stop other workouts I do?

This is easier to answer on a case by case basis. If the other activities you do to workout are causing or exacerbating body weakness or pain, we may ask you to put that activity on the back burner for a while.  Just until you can do the movements properly.

Most members in the intermediate system find they need to focus on just Pilates for at least a few months.  The intermediate system is a beef beast. You will be super sore from your workouts.  Adding other workouts on top of learning the intermediate system can be too much on most bodies.

Don’t be afraid to simply ask us, we will always be bluntly honest with you.

Do all member learn the Advanced System?

Absolutely not.  Only about 15% of our membership opt to tackle the advanced system.  It is very hard to master.  Members that take this path are seriously drinking the Pilates kool-aide.  

There is a risk/ reward element to the Advanced system.  Exercises require exeteme balance control and precision.  You can really hurt yourself if you do them wrong.  You need to be passionate about Classical Pilates as the way to maintain your fitness/ sport performance.  If not, it’s not worth the risk.

Most members, especially those that found our studio because of moderate to minor body pain or weakness, get up to the high intermediate system. Once there the fitness world is your oyster.   They can choose any way they love to move. (Running, dancing, biking, swimming, boot camp, weight lifting).

What do our Members Say About Us?

Update: it’s been years now and this is still the best thing I’ve done for my body. Rachael and Ray are amazing and have handled this whirlwind of a year fabulously. I miss getting to use the equipment in the studio but since all gyms are closed their personalized online classes have been the best for keeping me going (and not falling apart from sitting all day!). I’ve already told everyone I know about them so I figured I’d update this review and let all of YOU know too!.


OG Member

This school is the real deal! All the trainers pay such close attention you and get to know your physical idiosyncrasies and taught me what real core strength actually was! I didn’t have it before.  They get to know you and what you need and that is the best if you’re trying to improve your physical health!


Member since 2018

I have a hyper mobile pain ridden body due to a genetic condition, and I had tried everything from opiates to physical therapy and surgery with barely any relief. I find most Pilates instruction has injured me, or not pushed me enough to make progress. Rachael takes the time to understand my condition so she knows exactly how to teach me. I have gotten stronger and significantly reduced my chronic pain thanks to her knowledgeable instruction.
This has seriously changed my life and given me hope for a future where I want to be alive.

Former Member