FAQ: New Client Consultations

If you are new to Pilates, strictly Classical Pilates is a lot to take in.  You probably feel a little overwhelmed right now.  You’re thinking “I was just looking for a Pilates class!?” So let’s keep it simple and stick with the new client consultation package question first.

What is Included in a New Client Consultation?

  • 1 private sessions (PT credits)
  • 3 class credits
  • 1 30-min “My Pilates Path” Planning Session

Do you offer Reformer Classes? I can’t find them.

We are a unique Classical Pilates studio.  Our studio is more closely aligned with a college class that is also a killer workout.  The reason you can’t find the traditional level equipment based classes (i.e. Reformer I, Tower II) is because true Classical Pilates is a systemic regular transition through all the 12 major pieces of classical equipment.

Diversity Is Beautiful

Is Classical Pilates going to make my core muscles strong?

Yes, most methods of Pilates will make your core muscle strong.  Classical Pilates Is a systematic way to gain access to your whole body.  So yes you will have rockstar abs, but a rockstar body from the top of your head down to your toes.

I’m booking my classes. Which one is best for me?

If you have a healthy body with no major pain or injury, book two Strong Basic/ Intermediate Classica Core classes. Then book one of the following: Pilates Stretch, CardioCore, or Magical Mat.  If these classes do not fit in your schedule, book a third Classical Core class. 

If you have major body pain or weakness don’t book your classes just yet, wait for feedback from your instructor after your private session.

Do you have an app?

Yes!  In your app store search for “Glofox”. Download it.  Search for our studio. If you have made an account already, use the same login and password you made. If you don’t,  register to make an account.

I like classes, can I start with that?

Give us a call/text during business hours.  We may allow a new client to start with a Basic Classical Core class if you have previous experience in Classical Pilates on classical equipment

But..if you have never had a Classical Pilates session or class, then we need to meet first in a 1-on-1 environment for safety reasons.   

What if I only want to do private sessions?

We get it, private sessions are a great way to learn and cultivate an empowering relationship between you and your Pilates instructor.  We would highly recommend starting with a private-based new client consltation. $180 for 3 private sessions.

Do I need Private Session?

Private sessions are the most effective way to create a Classical Pilates practice.  Yes, they can be expensive, yet some it is the best route to long term health.

  • Have a chronic illness or injury that can be exacerbated by exercise.
  • Suffer from muscle or joint pain that affects daily activities.
  • Prenatal or postpartum women.
  • You learn best or prefer in a 1-on-1 environment.
  • You wish to see fast results.

If some of these statements resonate with you, consider starting our program with a Private-based new client consultation.

I need private sessions, but I can’t afford them. Is there a sliding scale or income discount program?

We strive to make our pricing affordable. Unfortunately, we do not offer a sliding scale or income driven pricing. But fear not we have a solution.

The steer members that need or want a 1-on-1/ individual training environment to our Open Studio program. We predict a total set amount to teach you an accelerated path to an independent in-home Classical Pilates practice with an  ideal in home equipment.

I’m super fit, should I start with an advanced class?

A common misconception for new clients is that your level of Pilates is related to your fitness level. Regardless of your fitness level, someone that has never taken a Classical Pilates training before is a beginner.  

Moreover new clients assume that Pre-Pilates/ Basic means “easy”.  But what it truly means in foundational steps that everyone must start with.  When you get your Classical Pilates game top notch a Basic System workout can be a killer, sweat inducing, intense workout.  The concepts you learn about your body in the Pre-Pilates system lead themselves to learning the basics and so on.

Lastly, reaching an advanced level is not the goal in Classical Pilates.  The goal is for you to gain complete control over your body in everyday life. So for some they will “live in” a specific system.  Most stay in the intermediate system for their lifetime.

What do our Members Say About Us?

Update: it’s been years now and this is still the best thing I’ve done for my body. Rachael and Ray are amazing and have handled this whirlwind of a year fabulously. I miss getting to use the equipment in the studio but since all gyms are closed their personalized online classes have been the best for keeping me going (and not falling apart from sitting all day!). I’ve already told everyone I know about them so I figured I’d update this review and let all of YOU know too!.


OG Member

This school is the real deal! All the trainers pay such close attention you and get to know your physical idiosyncrasies and taught me what real core strength actually was! I didn’t have it before.  They get to know you and what you need and that is the best if you’re trying to improve your physical health!


Member since 2018

I have a hyper mobile pain ridden body due to a genetic condition, and I had tried everything from opiates to physical therapy and surgery with barely any relief. I find most Pilates instruction has injured me, or not pushed me enough to make progress. Rachael takes the time to understand my condition so she knows exactly how to teach me. I have gotten stronger and significantly reduced my chronic pain thanks to her knowledgeable instruction.
This has seriously changed my life and given me hope for a future where I want to be alive.

Former Member