FAQ Sheet

We know our program may seem complex and vast. Trust us, we know! But we strive to explain them all as simply and clearly as possible. That said, maybe we missed something. Check out our FAQs below, and if you still have questions feel free to call or email us! We are always happy to chat. 

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Which Class Should I Start with First?

Brand new to our program or Pilates or fitness? Start with our New Client Assessment, or drop in to a Classical Core Class.

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What are the Benefits of Memberships?

Every month you receive a consistent mix of Private Sessions and Group Classes. Over the course of a few classes your trainers will work with you to set and reach goals and together we will use every class and session to help you reach those goals. Class and session credits also roll over to the following months, so you never have to worry about paying for something you didn’t use. 

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Do I Always Have to Work with the Same Instructor?

Nope! Everyone gravitates towards one trainer or another at times, but no matter which class you take your trainer will know what’s going on with you. We have created a system of client notes that instructors share with each other in order to keep you on a consistent path. No matter which teacher you work with, we will know what’s going on with you and where you’re headed.

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Do you have an App?

Why yes we do! Download an app called GLOFOX from the Play Store or the App Store, and search for The Pilates School SF. Voila! Easy booking, easy tracking! 

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I’m Injured.  Can I Take a Class?

Classical Pilates is designed to help correct movement and heal the body. That being said, if you are injured or suffering from acute pain, please call or email us before you take class. It may be wise to work with a trainer one-on-one first. 

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Text Us for a Quick Anwser

Finding your personal Pilates path is a process. Our website can’t answer every question because in some cases it depends on your body, history, and goals. To get the most accurate answers to your questions please call or text us.  We will respond within that business day if you text us between during business hours.

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