Duets & Trio Sessions

During COVID we started offering PIlates Pods so households can train together and they stuck with us. If you prefer to learn Pilates with your best friends, consider duet or trio sessions as part of your Pilates Path.

How Do We Get Started?

The first step is the same for all new clients. Complete a new client consultation.  Be sure to let us know via email that you would like to include duet or trio sessions into your Pilates Path.  Give us the names and contact information for the other clients in your proposed group.  All members of the duet or trio must complete a new client consultation.

The only restriction we place on duets and trio is that all the members need to be around the same fitness level.  It is unsafe if one member of the group has a serious body condition which can not be addressed in a duet or trio group environment.  We do make expectations for if the group as a whole share the same needs (pregnancy, cancer,  osteoporosis ect.)

After all the member of your group have complete at least the first private session in your consultation do the follow steps:


Gather the names and contact information of the other members of your group.


Contact Alysia to select available days/ times with the instructor of your choice.

alysiak@pilatesschoolsf | or call/text (415) 508-6467


All the members in your group must buy their own duet or trio package. (price is per/ client)


Each member of the group must book their group sessions under the "Classes" tab on the app or website.

What We Get from Our Duet and Trio Sessions?

“We have been doing Pilates so wrong in mat classes at our local gyms.  We started a Pilates Pod during COVID, but what we got was Ray’s relentless focus on authentic Pilates. We see Ray once a week and she fixed all the “lazy” Pilates mistakes we have been making in the past.  We use all the equipment and we are never going back to “lazy” Pilates ever again. We look forward to our weekly session with Ray..just so great.”

Joan N.

Trio Sessions

“Goeff and I need our private session, but we do duet once a week for our cardio and strength days.  They are a great addition to round our my two private sessions a week.  The best part is that Ray and Rachael know the modifcations my body needs, and I will push myself just a little bit harder since I know they are watching me.  It is great to have my best friend their with me.  We help each other get through these gurgling and intense sessions together.  I don’t look forward to them, but I’m so proud of myself when I finish them.  Down 9 pounds and counting!”

Geoff & Nick

Privates & Weekly Duets

“We have never done Pilates before. I wanted my life partner there to help me stay motivated to show up to our sessions.  I needed to take off the COVID weight and strength my core.  I hate exericses.  Now that I have 10 duet session under my belt I feel more confortable in group class without my partner.  I still hate exericsing, but I like Pilates.

Jackson & Tia

Complete a 10 pack of Duet Sessions