Corporate Memberships

Sitting or standing with bad posture all day is a serious problem. Offering your employees an exclusive way to learn Classical Pilates is an investment that can save your business money by preventing common workplace injuries.  We offer a wide range of corporate membership package to fit any wellness budget.

Take Care of the Folks that Take Care of Your Business…

Your employees work hard to help you grow your business. The Pilates School offers you a rare opportunity to invest in the lifelong health of the individuals that keep your business running.

Our corporate clients have reported that since beginning Pilates classes for their employees there have been fewer pain-related sick days, fewer chronic work-related injuries, and higher productivity and morale.  Moreover your employee will be given the tools to address minor aches and pain before they become expensive medical procedures that in the end cost your business time and money.

Let us help you take care of the people that take care of your business!


Group Mat Class

Corporate Membership Options

Internal Business Promotional Wellness Campaign

Once a month we will design and host a private class just for you and your employees. During Covid-19 this class will be held online, but will be fully interactive for those who wish to turn on their cameras. We will email your employees a monthly reminder of the class, and encourage them to attend additional classes we offer through our program based upon their individual needs and goals.

Employer Cost: $125.00 per month

Employee Discount: 0%

Employer Matching Program

The Pilates School will match employer contributions (up to $50.00 per employee) towards Pilates School SF classes and services. Your employee can use that value towards any service we offer. This is a great option if  you have a diverse employee pool that may not wish to workout at the same time together, but who would benefit from  starting a Pilates practice.

Employer Cost: $25-$50 per employee per month

Employee Discount: $25-$50 /month

Online Studio Access

A great option for large companies with established wellness programs that wish to add a Pilates option. Your employees will be given access to our Online Studio with On-Demand Pilates classes and Self-paced Courses.  Employees interested in interactive classes will get a 25% discount on any Pilates School service or membership.

Employer Cost: $350 per month per 50 employees

Employee Discount: 25% off any additional service

Common Corporate Membership Requests

Weight Management

Using Classical Pilates as its base, this fitness program puts your employees in workout groups and rewards them for meeting weekly goals!

Equipment Pilates Groups

A great program for companies with a group of Pilates fans. We will design and host a specialized training group to build team cohesion doing exercise they love.

Workout Buddies

Accountability goes a long way when you hit those walls or plateaus. Use your small group training to help keep you and your employees accountable to one another!

Special Focus

Are you seeing the same reasons for sick day requests over and over again? If a group of your employees all suffer from the same pains or issues, a focused, carefully crafted series of group classes can help address and prevent chronic pain and injuries! 

Stress Relief

Stressed? Who, us? I can’t imagine why…
Everyone knows physical movement helps humans manage stress, but sometimes even picking a class or planning a workout feels like too much work. Gather your group, pick a time, and let us help you manage that stress through Pilates! 


After an event that affects your body, caring community and focused care are crucial to recovery.  If your team pulled a few too many all-nighters, or your company is generally overworked and in need of some real self care, we can guide you towards healthier, happier bodies.

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What Our Corporate Partners Say 

“Thank you. We love these classes so much.  I can feel my low back getting better every class. Can’t wait to see you next week”

Devon W.

Walenburg HS Faculty, Weekly Group Mat Class

“Thanks Ray – I LOVE both of them!  I can hear you, I was able to do all of these exercises with a smile and you are very engaging.   I love the honesty and the idea of scooping ice cream out of my belly button.”

Heather J.

New Hope Network, Requested a Pilates at Your Desk Class

Thanks for the great class today, appreciate it. Also appreciate the reference to what you guys are doing on your site and IG.”

Kathrine L.

Mofo Law Group, Weekly Class + Online Access