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Consultation or Quick Start

Choose between a slower, more in-depth Consultation process, or make the commitment to yourself right now with a Quick Start membership.

Consultation Packages are short-term no commitment samples a private sessions and/or classes.  Followed by an in-depth 30 minute meeting to chart your path with us.

Quick Start Memberships have an abridged assessment period and go right into either a class-based or private based monthly membership.

Consultation Packages

An in-depth assessment that fits any body at any level of fitness.

Gimme All The Classes

If you are into making connections with others or love learning in a group class environment, this is the package for you!

Package Includes

Studio Tour/ Virtual Tour

1 Private Session

6 group classes

30-min Pilates Path Meeting

Gimmie Some Me Time

If you want or need individual attention due to injury or chronic condition.  Of course you can want your Pilates Me Time with one primary trainer. Why.. because you deserve it!

Package Inculdes

Studio Tour/ Virtual Tour

3 Private Sessions

30-mint Pilates Path Meeting

Quick Start Memberships

This package is a great option if you are ready to commit to our program today. Plus you can save up to $500 your first month compared to purchasing a consultation package and a membership separately.  We have three types of quick start memberships:

  • Gimmie All The Classes – 2 Private, unlimited classes/ open studio.  $525 |  $365
  • Gimmie All The Things – 5 Privates, unlimited classes/ open studio. $790 | $625
  • Gimmie Some Me Time – 12 Privates, unlimited open studio.  $1045 | $820

* You should be injury free to get the most out of this package. Minor aches and pains for fine.  Price and services are associated with your 1st month only.  Regular membership term apply from the second month and forward. 

 What is Your Pilates Path?

While everyone’s journey is a little different, most people learn Classical Pilates in a similar progression. Below, we’ve illustrated the cycle we like to call The Pilates Path to give you a sense of the way this work will likely be introduced to you.  We’ve included the estimated amount of time it takes to gain an understanding of that apparatus at a certain level. Will you be a master of Basic Mat in 6 weeks?  Unlikely.  But we say you spend 6-8 weeks in Basic Mat because that time frame gives your body enough time and practice to start building on top of the foundational concepts and movements you learned in Basic Mat.

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