Our Classes

Our programs is all about personalized Pilates, so we keep our classes small. And when we say “small” we really mean it- no more than 5 people!  Some class are open to any body.  Other classes have prerequuistes to attend.  

Finding the Right Class for You

If you are new to our studio start with a Classical Core class.   These are our signature classes and the foundation of our program. If you want to learn Pilates and gain all the benefits of a regular Pilates practice, Classical Core is the way to go! 

That said, no one does Pilates just to become good at Pilates, right? Pilates is about helping your body be ready for anything. So we’ve created a number of Elective Classes that allow you to put your Pilates training into use through different kinds of fun movement.  When you begin applying Pilates principles to the rest of your life you’ll start to see real change in your body. 

Pick a class based upon your goals and needs:


"I want Pure Classical Pilates" = Take our Classical Core class


"I Want More Cardio" = Try a Pilates Pulse or Cardiocore class


"I Want More Strength" = Try a Pilates Strong or Athletic Pilates class


"I Want Cardio-Strength" = Try an InTENsity class


"I Want More Flexibility" = Try a Pilates Stretch class


"I Want More Mindfulness" = Try a Pilates for Stress Reduction class

Purely Classical Pilates Classes

Classical Core: The Foundation of Our Program

Classical Pilates training is the core of our program. Yes, that pun was intended! But all bad puns aside, we take Classical Pilates very seriously. It’s a truly incredible system of movement that has changed countless lives, including ours. You will learn which movements are especially helpful for your body, and why. The Classical exercise order will become second nature to you, and you’ll soon find yourself understanding the practical, intelligent reasoning behind each of the exercises. 

Our Classical Core classes are highly personalized, interactive sessions in which your instructor will not only guide and coach you, but also improve your form and make adjustments specific to your needs. We keep classes small (4 students to 1 teacher) to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Members will notice that each class is designed to help them work towards their goals. Our instructors write and share notes so that no matter which class you take, you can be sure that your teacher knows what you’ve been working on, what’s going on with your body, and what you need. This ensures steady progress and the ability to have a more flexible class schedule when you need it!

Classical Core classes are taught in-studio and online. When not working out in the studio the classes are designed to utilize small props and equipment such as resistance bands and hand weights to help simulate the workout you might do on the Reformer, Tower, or Wunda chair.

Unless otherwise stated, a Classical Core class is appropriate for all levels.

Classical Mat Pilates Classes

Basic Pilates at Home

Intermediate Mat

Learn the fundamentals of Classical Pilates mat. An ideal starting place for anyone dealing with pain, injuries, or who are new to exercise.  The instructor will make indivudal hand-on and exericse modifcation so you will feel the goal of each exericse.

Magical Mat

Magical Mat

There are endless ways to spice up your Mat workout using simple props like a magic circle, hand weights, or a foam roller. Intermediate level. Some experince in Classical Mat Pilates is highly recommended.

Inter Mat Class

Inter/Adv Mat

The transition from Intermediate to Advanced is intense. This class breaks it all down for you, even as it pushes you to challenge yourself every time.

This class has a prerequisite to attend.

Adv Mat Pilates

Advanced Mat

Pure Advanced Mat- there really is nothing else like it. Every class is a chance to push yourself a little more. Check with your trainers before joining this class.

This class has a prerequisite to attend.

Elective Classes

(Pilates-Inspired Fusion Classes)


Pilates Pulse

Let’s Dance! Join us for an elective class set to music and designed to bring out the dancer in all of us! Improve your rhythm and flow, while building up muscular endurance using Pilates-based moves. Challenge your skills and have fun in this non-stop cardio-strength workout. Some experience in Pilates Mat is recommended but not required.

Pilates Pulse


Let’s get that heart pumping! Join us for a fun, energetic elective class that combines 30 minutes of cardio with 30 minutes of Classical Pilates; the perfect metabolism-boosting pairing.  Come ready to sweat!!!

This class has a prerequisite to attend.

Intensity Class


Add a little body weight interval training into your Pilates practice with InTENsity! This is an elective class that combines cardio/ strength training with Intermediate Pilates exercises in a challenging circuit of 10 moves. You will build muscluar endurance , sweat like mad, and feel great!

This class has a prerequisite to attend.

Pilates Strong

Pilates Strong

A pure strength training class hyper focused on using your Classical Pilates training to maintian proper form.  This class will build muscle and fuction strength.  The class cycles through differnt body parts. Be ready for the delicous soreness!

 This class has a prerequisite to attend.

Athletic Pilates

Athletic Pilates

An advanced performance based Classical Pilates class.  This class cycle through a progressive program to improve athletic movement.  Simultaneously this class will prevent common injuries in popular sports and fitness activities by increasing your body awareness.  

This class has a prerequisite to attend.

Pilates Stretch

Pilates Stretch

Rest and recovery are just as important as pushing yourself during exercise, and stretching is your key to developing long, limber muscles. This is your chance to indulge in safe, supervised stretching while using Pilates exercises to increase circulation and oxygenation. Think of this class as the first step to starting a safe Yoga practice.

Pilates for Stress Reducion

Pilates for Stress Reduction

Life is hard right now.  This class given you a piont to ground yourself and reset you eternal compass.  Mending of Pilates exercises and focused breathing this class will release your body tension.

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What our clients say about us

“I’m a working student and with COVID and losing my job I was surfing YouTube for free workouts with no idea if they are good for me.  By joining he Community membership I get live and on-demand Pilates classes and Ray emailed free workouts that were good for ME.  After three weeks I feel so much better. I love taking on-demend Pilates for Stress Reduccion class w/ Kim.”

Christina G.

Community Member

“I took the Classical Core class randomly. Kim’s class was amazing. She saw every error and helped me to do 100’s without hurting my low back.  I’m a member of  the gym near my job, but I will take more classes at this studio for sure.”

ClassPass Review

“I do HIIT and Peleaton classes as my mian workout.  I buy 5 packs of interactive classes so Ray can keep my body balanced and I get feedback on my form. 

The InTENsity class was a revelation. I didn’t know I was doing push-up and rows wrong until Ray  corrected me. Now my neck doesn’t hurt anymore!”

Vinesa R.

5 ClassPack Client