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Pilates.. what is it?

Q. What is Pilates?   

A physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates focused on strengthening your body through your core muscles.    

Q. What is Classical Pilates?

The truest most authentic form of Pilates as Joseph Pilates intended.  Classical Pilates uses Gratz equipment.  Some Gratz equipment have a set exercise order based on your level. 

Your Classical Pilates instructor is highly skilled in using “hand-on” to correct your body alignment due to their 2-3 year long certification.   As a result, the Classical Pilates client experience is highly personalized and transformative.

Q. What is the difference/similarities between Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates?

Differences: Classical Pilates sticks as closely as possible to Joseph Pilates original work.  A heavy focus on progressing the body through a set exercise orders modifying, changing or omitting the exercise only when needed.    Contemporary Pilates teaches clients to support a neutral spine and improve body awareness.  A Contemporary instructor will select exercises primarily based on the clients needs.

Similarities: Both Classical and Contemporary share rigorous lengthy instructor certifications.  They share the same underline goal of having their clients gain “ownership of the work”.  Successful clients gains the ability to work independent with improved body awareness, alignment, and posture throughout their life.

Q. Is Core40 or Bodyrok Contemporary or Classical Pilates?

Neither.  These are “Pilates inspired” workouts.   In general, these organizations do not claim to be Pilates training.  Some major differences are they may utilize a Megaformer instead of Gratz Reformer,  classes are larger,  less personalized attention, and require minimal certifications.


Q. How do I know if a membership is right for me?   

Are these statements true? 

  • Yes, I’m looking for permanent change in my body AND I’m ready to commit to set exercise routine.
  • Yes, I want instructors committed to holding me accountable to my goals. 
  • Yes, I’m interested in developing a personalized Pilates practice;  a skill I can use the rest of your life. 

If ONE of these statements are true for you then a membership is ideal.

Q.  How do I know if I need privates in my membership package?

You might need privates if:

  • You have never done Pilates before..  Classical or Contemporary Pilates.
  • You have a major concern with a part of your body due to inactivity, general weakness, or injury.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You learn better in a 1-on-1 environment.

If ONE of these statement are true for you consider a new client consultation or short term membership.

Q. How do I select which classes/ privates to book?

We make scheduling easy.  Pick days and times solely base on what work best in your schedule.  We regularly rotate through all our class formats (Reformer, Tower, Mat Pilates, Wunda chair) throughout each month.   Moreover,  as a VIP service to member will book your classes and privates for you each month.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of training I can do in a month?

Your class and session credits will be renewed based on your payment plan.  Monthly plan for 30 days of credits each billing cycle. Quarterly will have 90 days.  Paying for the full contract in one payment will release for all the credits at once.

Q. Should I pay my membership dues monthly annually? 

This personal choice is solely based on your affordability.  We try to meet your goals within the constricts of your membership.  Yet, if needed,  we may ask you to purchase privates.

Q. Do I need to freeze or suspend my membership when I travel or go on vacation? 

No.  We use a “Rollover” system. Credits you do not use will remain available for up to 9 month after your contract term has ended.

 Q. Can I cancel my contract before the end of the term?

We have strict rules around canceling a membership. (Moving out of the area, medical reasons, or a documented personal emergency). We expect you to be committed to your training.  As a result we need a compelling reason to cancel your contract.

Q. Can I downgrade or upgrade my membership before my contract ends?

Yes.  We allow a members to upgrade or downgrade their membership, before the next billing date of their contract.  A new contract term will start with any upgrade or downgrade.


Classes, Privates, & Workshops

Q. I only like one type of Pilates class (i.e Mat Pilates or Reformer classes).  Are these classes offered every week? 

No.  Our schedule is cyclical.   We regularly rotate through all our class formats every month.  This allows our clients/ members to experience Classical Pilates as Joseph Pilates intended.  

Q. How big are classes? 

Our average class size is 2-4.  Our largest studio classes is 6-7 participates.  We take pride in a 1:3 teacher/ client ratio in all our classes.   This allows for plenty of personal attention.

Q. Can I select and keep the same instructor for all my classes/ privates? Booking FAQ

Yes. Simply use the filter to view that instructor’s schedule.

Q. I like classes, but I’m injured. Do I have to start with privates?

Yes.  We can not accommodate for an current injury in a class environment.   Moreover, YOU deserve to have your injury address solely around your needs. This is only possible in a private session.

Q. Do I need a certain amount of Pilates training to do a workshop or social event?

No.  Workshops and Social Events are designed for a complete newbie to a advanced mover.

Questions on Private Groups?

Every private group is structured differently. The best way to get answers to your questions is to chat with us in a consultation.  Feel free to email Ray at, or call (415) 508-6467.