Finding Your

Pilates Path

A Road to Health through Classical Pilates

Many Path to Pilates

We have numerous way for you to make Classical Pilates a part of your life. 

(1) Online learning through live, on-demand, and online courses.

(2) Afforable in studio learning through a membership that focus on classes or private based training.

(3)  Detialed in-depth 1-on-1 attention and flexbility in your schedule through private, duet and trio session packages.

Struggle Finding a Fitness Routine that Work?

It’s because you need structure, accountability, and personalized training!

Even with an abundance of confirm exercise science best practice, myths about the best way to attain your ideal health persist.  We demisytfy and cut through what is a fitness fade that can injury you from the facts.  Your Pilates Path needs to be high personalized to you schedule, goals and budget.  With Classical Pilates as the foundation of our program we greatly reduce your risk of injury, build a foundation of strength through your core muscles, then in measure steps we introduce you to modalities of exercise that bring you joy and lifelong health…and yes for some that is simply more Pilates.

The Pilates Path

Frequently Asked Questions

About Finding Your Pilates Path

How do I know which service is best for me to start with?

If you are unsure which service to start, pick Gimmie Some Me Time consultation package for $395.  It is a slower more in-depth introduction to our program.  After you purchase book your studio tour and private sessions.   

I just want to take a reformer class once a week. Where is that at?

At the Pilates School SF we make a point of fostering a truly diverse community of every gender, shape, and background. One size does not fit all, here. We believe in tailoring the work to fit you. 

The Pilates School is designed to operate more like an actual school than a big box gym.  We offer core classes (pun intended) and elective classes. There will very likely be some homework, and an expectation that you will take ownership over aspects of your training. We will be there to guide you every step of the way, but you have to do the reading, so to speak. There are hundreds of exercises within the Classical Pilates repertoire. We have codified this massive and complex body of work into a logical curriculum built around the science of physical movement.

Every month we focus on a different theme or aspect of the work, and every week we cycle through the Pilates equipment in order to apply those topics to the exercises. Every loop we run you through reiterates and builds upon the information from the previous loop. You will leave this program with a deep understanding not only of your body and its unique needs, but perhaps more importantly, how to use Classical Pilates  as a powerful tool to effectively train and heal *your* body.

I'm super fit. Do I have to start with Basic exericses?

Your Pilates level and fitness levels are not related.  If you have never done Pilates before then you are a beginner.  Trust us after your first private session you will feel like a beginner agian too!


Only new members with experince/ training in Classical Pilates may have a more ecceraled path. 

What are all the services your studio offers?

We offer:

  • Private, Duet, and Trio sessions ($90 – $125 per session)
  • Group Classes on all Classical Pilates equipment – We do mean all!
  • Open Studio session – think open gym workouts on Pilates equipment.
  • Workshops
  • Seasonal Member Scoial Events
  • Teacher Cerftication program – offer in Fall and Spring semesters.
I see that you have a cap on your membership? Is there space for me?

Yes to keep the quaility of our program high we limit the number of member/ client periodically.  If we have an impactyed program it will be posted on website.

I love classes, but I'm injured. Can I try a class?

This is why we start with a private session regardless what level you are at.  Your instructor will decide if you are ready for classes.  Don’t worry we have numerous members start with privates until you get strong enough to start classes. 

Yuva joined our program in late 2018, referred to us from physical therapy. She struggled with labored breathing and chronic pain in her upper back and left leg.  We still remember Yuva’s first session with her legs shaking, trying to do Pre-Pilates leg and footwork exercises. There were very tough moments where she felt she would be plagued with constant body pain for the rest of her life.

Fast-forward 14 months and she was a completely different person living a full life. The day she returned to Kartak dancing, one of her greatest passions in life was a truly wonderful day that Yuva worked very hard to earn. By the time she was ready to move out of the country she was practicing high Intermediate Classical Pilates exercises. Never again would she suffer from shoulder and neck pain, or labored breathing because no matter where she is in the world, she continues to keep a constant Pilates practice that she learned at the Pilates School SF.

Yuva - A Jouney Completed

Jade has and loves her beautiful curves.  She was our first member and helped us refine our program during our first two years. She trusted us (Rachael & Ray) to try something crazy to see if Classical Pilates training could be affordable without watering the work down. She started our program as a Basic mover, and is now Advanced in her Classical Pilates practice.

We most enjoy Jade when she becomes a glorified teacher’s assistant to a new member that is struggling with an exercise. It is inspiring to see her share the knowledge she has gained with others. She proves that any BODY can express an advanced level in Classical Pilates. All it takes is fortitude and dedication to the work.

Jade - An Original Pilates OG

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