Questions on Booking?

Buy your service then book it.  Review our buying and booking FAQ’s below. 

If you need further assistance contact us at or call (415) 508-6467.

Buying & Booking

General Question about Booking from Website

Q. How do I buy a membership?

  1. From the top menu select “Memberships & Packages.
  2. Select the buy now for “3. Community Membership”.
  3. Create a Glofox account if you have not already. We need your full name, email, phone, birthday (in DD/MM/YYYY).  Then sign the studio waiver.
  4. Complete your registration for the Community membership. 

Q.  How do I connect your membership to the Online Studio?

  1. From the top menu select “Online Studio”.
  2. Select to create an account.
  3. Use the same email and phone you have listed in your Glofox account.
  4. Complete the application question so Ray, the Online Manager, can confirm your accounts.
  5. Ray will approve your access to the Online Studio within one business day.

Q. How do I book online classes?

  1. From the website select “Class Schedule”.
  2. Select any class listed as “Community Class”.
  3. Login to your account and book complete booking your class.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email for each class you book.

Q. I booked my class, how to I join it? 

  1. From the top menu select “Online Studio”
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Use the side arrow scroll to select the class you registered for. 
  4. Let your instructor know if you have any injuries to take in consideration in the chat bar.

General Question about Booking from Mobile Devices

You can view our class schedule, book classes from our Glofox mobile app. You highly recommend that you take you online via casting it from your phone to a smartTV. 
You do not need to complete these steps until you plan to use your mobile device. Remember you can experience all your member benefits via our website.

Q. How do I Download the Glofox App?

its super easy!  On your smartphone app store download the “Glofox App”.

Q. How do I make a Glofox Account? 

  1. Search for our studio “The Pilates School SF”.
  2. Create an account by selecting “Register” at the bottom right hand side of the screen.
  3. Create a Glofox account if you have not already. We need your full name, email, phone, birthday (in DD/MM/YYYY).  Then sign the studio waiver.

Q. Becoming a Member.

  1. From the bottom menu bar select “Memberships” Select a membership. 
  2. Follow the prompts to complete your registration.

Q.  Start Booking Community Classes.

  1. After you complete your enrollment you can select “Classes” 
  2. Pick your classes. If you have a Copmmunity or Online membership only select the classes listed as online.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email for each class you book.
  4. For an online class you may also be emailed a direct link 24 hours prior to you class.

Q. How do I Casting my mobile device to your Smart TV?

Follow the link for the email confirmation to the Online Studio. 

Login to the Online Studio and select your class.

At the waiting room connect your casting service to your Smart TV. 

Other General Question about Booking/ Online Studio

Q. How do I view class recordings?

Frist you must attend an interactive class to recive the recording. Your Online Studio page will list your past class recordings.  Recording take 3-4 hours to process and will automaticaly be posting to your Online studio page.

Q. Viewing On-Demand Classes

All On-demand classes and series will be posted in your Online Studio Page. For Masterclasses you may also recive an email notifcation of new on-demand class releases. 

Q. I Need Technical Help to Getting Started.

If you are not the most technical person, please contact us and we are happy to help use the devices/ software in your home to get your in-home online workouts connected.

    Q. The online schedule/app says I need to contact the studio to book.

    We have a 24-hour booking policy so we can create the most personalized class plans.  You may be able to book a class after the 24-hour cut-off.  Please email us at or text us at (415) 508-6467.  Tell us your full name, the class name and start time you wish to add.  We will review your request.  If it is approved we will add you to class and email or text you back a confirmation.

    Q. I’m not tech savvy.  Can email or call to book my classes?

    Yes. email us at or call (415) 508-6467 with the day, time and/or instructor you wish to book.  We are happy to make the booking process as easy as possible.

    Q. I can’t find a private/class that fits in my schedule. What do I do?

    Email us at or text us at (415) 508-6467 for assistance.

    Q. What is the class/ private cancellation policy? How do I cancel?

    We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  We also strictly enforce a no show fee.  The fastest way to cancel a class is on our Glofox App or to email/text us at or (415) 297-9650. 

    How does member booking work?

    Save time and let us book your classes.

    We know that manging life in the Bay Area is hard.  As a VIP service to all our members we will book your classes for you once a month.  On the 20th of every month we email you to request your booking request. You have until the 25th by 5pm to reply.  If your schedule changes you are resopnable for canceling your class prior to the 24-hour deadline.