Pilates School SF

Affordable.  PersonalizedPermanent Change.

A complete fitness program with Pilates at its core.  Online classes and private sessions are highly interactive.  We only offer small group training to give you the personalized attention your deserve. 

All instructors take and share extensive client notes. Every workout you take is within a progression regardless of the instructor.

Personalized workouts at an affordable price you can achieve the permanent body change you have been looking for with us. 

Co-Owner Rayannah Salahuddin – “Fun on the Cadlliac”.

Class Types

Our Classical Core Class

Classical Pilates training is the cornerstone of our program. Our Classical Core online classes use lite equipment to simulate the Reformer, Tower and Wunda chair exercises at home.  Highly interactive with feedback and body corrections.

Class size is limited to 4 clients to personalize workout.

$40 per class | $100 5 ClassPack

Elective Classes

A series of classes that are the bridge between Pilates training and, well, whatever else you like in the fitness landscape.  These classes will pull from a variety of disciplines like dance, cardio training, strength training, yes even yoga.

Fun, effective, with the same personalized focus. No experience required.

$40 per class | $100 5 ClassPack

Community Classes: Mat Pilates

Pilates School SF classes open to the public.  Experience an invigorating flow of the Classical intermediate to advanced mat exercises using your body weight as resistance. These are lead and follow classes live streamed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

 No experience required. Basic to Inter/ Adv class offered every week.

$5.00 Per Class Suggested Donation

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Learn About Us

An overview of our program, try a quick workout,  take a look inside at our Community Classes.

Meet Our Instructors

Rayannah Salahuddin

Co-Founder, Instructor 

“Ray” has been in the fitness, health and sports industries for over 25 years.

Aside from her Classical Pilates certification, she holds advanced degrees in Kinesiology, and numerous certifications in pretty much everything but Yoga. 

That said, you will never catch her calling herself  Dr. Salahuddin.  You will catch her dorking-out over the latest exercise science research, and pushing you to get every bit of squeeze, stretch, or lift out of your body.  So yeah, be ready for that!

Rachael Gray

Co-Founder, Instructor

“Rae” our Pilates diva extraordinaire. Her classes are fun and hard..in a fun way.

She found Pilates after she dislocated her hips, sacrum, tailbone, and spine. Despite months of physical therapy, Rachael discovered that only Classical Pilates truly healed her hypermobile body.  

This inspired her to earn her Classical Pilates certification in 2016.   She will have you reaching for a “martini” and doing “inappropriate thrusts”.  You will be laughing while your core muscles are dying at the same time.

Kimberley Ip

Instructor, Social Media 

“Kim” is our detail-orientation super nerd.  She loves finding itsy bitsy muscles.

Kim discovered her love of Pilates by way of dance.  She is fully certified in STOTT Pilates on all apparatus at the essential, intermediate, and advanced level. She is certified to teach a variety of populations.

Her passion lies in helping students understand their own bodies as instruments of movement.  She will nerd-out becuase she wants to enable students to achieve, and find a deep body listening and intelligence.

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