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Welcome to The Pilates School SF!

Affordable. Personalized. Permanent Change.

Welcome to a fitness program built around the Classical Pilates system. 

Our classes and private sessions are fully interactive and highly personalized.  All of our instructors take and share extensive client notes so that regardless of which instructor you see, every class you take is part of a bigger plan to help you meet your goals.  

We are here to give you the tools, knowledge, and guidance to make changes in your body and your life at an affordable price.

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The Pilates School Path

Step 1 - New Client Consultation

Have you ever walked into a Pilates studio and felt like you didn’t belong?  Then you belong here.  We’ve taken the elitism out of fitness by making Classical Pilates more affordable, body-positive, and diverse.  

All new clients must start with a New Client Consultation Package. This discounted package helps us assess your body needs, investgate your goals, while you experiencing a little bit of everything we offer. Your consultation package includes two private sessions and three group classes.  

Cost:  $370  /  $125  – Get Started Now

pilates back

Ray teaching a private session. (credits: @Studiomix Pilates Studio, 2019)

Small Class Sizes

Rachael teaching a group class at our new Lone Mt. Studio.

Step 2 - Join Your Pilates School Program

Everyone’s path through our program is unique to their body, goals and budget.   After completing your new client consultation your trainer outline your “Pilates Path”.  You will get a personal orientation to the program you are starting first.

Your path may be privates, duets, or trio sessions because you need some “Pilates Me Time”.  Or one of our affordable monthly memberships that combine private sessions, classes and open studio workouts.

Learn More About Our Programs | Start Your Program

Step 3 - Enjoy Your Pilates Journey

Most spend 18 to 24 months learning an independent Classical Pilates practice.

You may be in our program until you become pain free and are able to resume your favorite fitness or life activities.  You could be a “Pilates-4-Life” member, or even seek to become a certificated Classical Pilates teacher.  Classical Pilates has so many paths,  our advice is enjoy your journey!

Ray and Rae are so proud of the hard work, dedication, and effort all our members have put into creating a healthly life through Classical Pilates.

Take a moment and read about a few of our new, current, and past members’ Pilates journeys.

Meet Our Lovely Members

Ray and Bill

What Do Our Members Say?

I have been working with The Pilates School SF for over a year now and am super happy with them. The classes are tailored to you and your needs. The instructors are amazing and you won’t find better.

Amy S.

Member since 2019, Facebook Review

Great teachers who focuses on form. I enjoy and going to hard core Pilates classes that leaves you sore for days, but this is not what they go for. They go for “sustainable” workouts that will prevent you from injuries and allow yourself to work out 5,6 times a week. In my opinion, that is just as effective if not more than one workout class that will leave you so sore that you can’t work out for 2 more days.

Ashley K.

Yelp Review

I have been with Pilates School SF for almost six months and have learned so much from the teachers and classes. My lower back pain has significantly decreased and I feel myself continuously getting stronger from the work we have done together! I love it!

Will T.

Private Client since May 2021