Pilates School SF

Authentic. Affordable. Transformative.

Our mission is to make high quality Pilates training available at an AFFORDABLE price so that everyone can experience the TRANSFORMATIVE effects of AUTHENTIC Classical Pilates.

3 Steps: Become a Member

We offer a complete training program with your own Goals Coach,  “Rollover” membership system, and a flexible class schedule.  Mat Pilates and equipment classes are included in all memberships plans. Rates starting at $98.00 a month!

Classical Pilates is the core of our training system.  Yet, we personalize your training to meet your fitness and life goals: incorporating cardio, strength training, dance, and more!

Step 1

Use our online questionnaire to discover the plan that best fits your goals, schedule, and budget.

Step 2

Book a new member meeting with Ray.  Based on your goals, Ray will create a plan for your first 30-days in our program.

Step 3

Within your first 30 days, select and meet your Goals Coach to fine-tune a long-term workout plan.

Find Your First Class or Session

2-Week Trial and Packages?

You can test the Pilates waters with a 2-week trial membership or try your first mat and equipment class for $5.00 each.  You can also buy and book a single or packages of many classes or sessions with no obligation.